Commercial enterprise definition

Commercial enterprise means a building which is used as a part of a business that manufactures goods, delivers services, or sells goods or services, which is customarily and regularly used by the general public during the entire calendar year and which is connected to electric, water, and sewer systems. A commercial enterprise does not include a farm operation.

Examples of Commercial enterprise in a sentence

The County may require additional terms given the unique nature of the Commercial Enterprise.

The FBO Operator shall provide towing service for movement of Aircraft to and from the Airport taxiway system.(j) FBO Category X, Commercial Enterprise.

The FBO Operator shall permit access by the County or agents of the State to the Premises at any time for any inspection, review, audit or other actions to ensure compliance with all Applicable Laws of any Commercial Enterprise.

Commercial Enterprise Ownership Among Australian Women: Economic Control Through Entrepreneurship, unpublished PhD thesis, University of Southern California, California.Fuary, M.M. 1991.

An FBO Operator may not enter into any sublease on the Premises or any portion of the Airport Property for any FBO Operation or Commercial Enterprise except upon express approval by the County, in the County's sole discretion.

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Commercial enterprise means any Nonaeronautical Service conducted at, on, or from the Airport or Airport Property by any Proposed FBO Operator or FBO Operator in which it offers services or goods to guests, visitors, tenants or other users of the Airport, including any activities or services necessarily related or associated with providing such goods and services intended to result in monetary gain to the party conducting such activity. Commercial Enterprises include, but are not limited to: (a) food and beverage services; (b) renting of vehicles to Airport guests, visitors, FBO Operators or other Airport users; or (c) retail sale of clothing or other personal items.
Commercial enterprise means a corporation, partner- ship, limited liability company, business operated by an individ- ual, association, state agency, political subdivision, or other gov- ernment or business entity, including a scrap dealer.
Commercial enterprise means the same as defined in
Commercial enterprise means the same as defined in section 459.102.
Commercial enterprise means all undertakings entered into
Commercial enterprise means the same as that term is defined in Section 59-7-614.
Commercial enterprise means businesses and manufacturers conducted for profit, for-profit and nonprofit insurance companies, and for-profit and nonprofit financial institutions, but excludes other nonprofits and professions and occupations.