Specified digital goods definition

Specified digital goods means digital audio works, digital audiovisual works, and digital books. For purposes of Subchapter III, Chapter 77, Wis. Stats., the sale of or the storage, use, or other consumption of a digital code is treated the same as the sale of or the storage, use, or other consumption of any specified digital goods for which the digital code relates. (Section 77.51(17x), Wis. Stats.)

Examples of Specified digital goods in a sentence

  • Specified digital goods, additional digital goods, and digital codes.

  • Specified digital goods provided without charge for less than permanent use.

  • Specified digital goods, additional digital goods, and digital codes (imposed under sec.

  • Specified digital goods, additional digital goods, and digital codes.Examples of taxable sales of digital goods in- clude (this list is not all-inclusive):• digital photographs• music downloads• ringtones• video downloadsFor additional information about digital goods, see Publication 240, Digital Goods.

Related to Specified digital goods

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