SPD definition

SPD means State Purchasing Division of the New Mexico State General Services Department.
SPD means Solar Power Developer shall mean Company incorporated by the bidder as per Indian Laws in accordance with Companies Act, 1956 or Companies Act 2013.

Examples of SPD in a sentence

  • The proposed outbuilding complies with the Councils Daylight / Outlook Standards as stipulated within the Design SPD in relation to this dwelling.

  • The use must strictly adhere to the Farnham Design Statement, Farnham Neighbourhood Plan FNP1 and FNP2 Town Centre Conservation Area, FNP16 Extensions,Residential Extensions SPD, Farnham Conservation Area Management Plan(FCAMP) and have no negative impact on other residents’ with overlooking from itselevated position.

  • The Standard Pro- cessed Data (SPD), produced in pipeline processing version 5.0 or later, were dark subtracted, corrected for the relative spectral response function of the detectors, flux calibrated and correctedfor spacecraft and earth’s velocity.

  • Design - Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) The Design SPD has been prepared to help deliver design quality in new development.

  • This is reinforced by Policy CP3 of the Local Plan and facilitated through the guidance contained within Appendix B of the Design SPD.

More Definitions of SPD

SPD means a circumstance where:
SPD means State Purchasing Division of the New Mexico State General Services Department. “State (the State)” means the State of New Mexico.
SPD or “Solar Power Developer” shall mean Bidding Company or a Bidding Consortium that got selected through the bidding process conducted by APGCL through “Grid connected solar photo voltaic projects for 70 MWAC Amguri Solar Park in Assam”. Any reference to the Solar Power Developer includes Bidding Company / Bidding Consortium/Consortium, Member of a Bidding Consortium including its successors, executors and permitted assigns and Lead Member of the Bidding Consortium jointly and severally, as the context may require.
SPD means the Seattle Police Department.