SOAEL definition

SOAEL. – means “significant observed adverse effect level”. This is the level above which significant adverse effects on health and quality of life occur.

Examples of SOAEL in a sentence

  • As the noise exposure increases, it will then at some point cross the SOAEL boundary.

  • Consequently, the SOAEL is likely to be different for different noise sources, for different receptors and at different times.

  • Government's Planning Practice Guidance on noise (PPG) provides guidance on the effects of noise exposure, relating these to people's perception of noise, and linking them to the NOEL and, as exposure increases, the LOAEL and SOAEL.

  • Consequently, the SOAEL is likely to be different for different noise sources, for different receptors and at different times".

  • PPG identifies the SOAEL as the level above which "noise causes a material change in behaviour and/or attitude, e.g. avoiding certain activities during periods of intrusion; where there is no alternative ventilation, having to keep windows closed most of the time because of the noise.

  • SOAEL – Significant Observed Adverse Effect Level This is the level above which significant adverse effects on health and quality of life occur.

  • The NPSE notes "It is not possible to have a single objective noise-based measure that defines SOAEL that is applicable to all sources of noise in all situations.

  • An indoor sound level of 45 dB LpASMax, in any habitable room, is considered the SOAEL for ground-borne noise.

  • If the assessment results in a Significant Observed Adverse Effect Level (SOAEL) after mitigation, it is likely that the application will be recommended for refusal.

  • The NPSE and NPPG uses the following ‘noise exposure observed effect level’ terms when determining the significance of any noise impact - NOEL, LOAEL and SOAEL: NOEL – No Observed Effect Level: The level of noise exposure below which no effect can be detected.

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