Sluice definition

Sluice means a trough equipped with riffles across its bottom which can be used to recover gold and other minerals with the use of flowing water.))
Sluice means any clough valve paddle penstock or any other devise used for controlling the passage of water through or over any weirs dams lock gates the wall of locks or through the banks of the river or any works connected therewith
Sluice. , means a sliding gate or other contrivance for controlling the volume or flow of water;

Examples of Sluice in a sentence

  • The Chief of the Office of Internal Affairs ensures OIA staff are appropriately trained.

  • General Principles - Direct Sluice - Canal regulator - Drawing showing detailed plan, elevation and foundation details.

  • Failure of specials, Sluice Valves, Air Valves supplied and erected.

  • Sluice and Scour valves shall be provided with an extension spindle for operation from operating level / ground level.

  • Pucca works: Contract includes construction of Pucca works with RCC, PCC and masonry in as D/S Protection work of dam, U/S Strengthening of Waste Xxxx of Main dam and Head Sluice.

  • Earth work: Earth work includes Excavation of foundation of structures in D/S Protection work of dam, U/S Strengthening of Waste Xxxx and repair of Head Sluice of Main dam where ever required in order to make each component up to designed standard as shown in drawing, specification and bill of quantities.

  • Sluice valves are not permitted in watertight bulkheads except as specified in § 169.652(a).§ 169.652 Bilge piping.

  • Sites included the Mauka Hydropower Plant on Waimea River, Black Pipe Siphon, Menehune Ditch, mouth of the Waimea River, Hukipo Flume on Kekaha Ditch, Waiawa Hydropower Plant, Kawaiele Pumping Station, Reservoir N at the end of the Kekaha Ditch system, Waiakoali, Kawaikōī, Kauaikinanā, and Kōke‘e Stream diversions, and the Kauhao Sluice Gate.

  • Sluice gates on the water front side of the intake structure at minimum 3 levels so as to draw the raw water from the surface of river during flood, normal and drought seasons.

  • Sluice Valve below ground shall be provided with caps suitable for operation by a key.

More Definitions of Sluice

Sluice means any sluice, clough, clowe, valve, paddle, penstock or other device for controlling the passage of water through weirs, dams, lock-gates, the walls of locks or through the banks of a navigation cut or any works connected therewith.

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