Signing definition

Signing means the signing by the Parties of this Agreement;
Signing means the signing, execution and delivery (as the case may be) of a Banking Document with the intention of being legally bound by that Banking Document when it is dated by the Bank and “Signed” shall be construed accordingly.
Signing shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 1.2(a)(i) of this Agreement.

Examples of Signing in a sentence

  • Signing of the Handover Memorandum, in three counterparts (each of which shall constitute an original), by the authorized representatives of the Authority, Contractor and Authority’s Engineer shall be deemed to constitute a valid evidence of giving the Right of Way to the Contractor for discharging its obligations under and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and for no other purpose whatsoever.

  • Signing of purchase agreements for the SLB Transactions and execution of the amendment to the Contribution Agreement shall be conditions precedent to the Project Funding.

  • Signing this Standard Services Agreement on the signature portion thereof shall also constitute signature of this Certification.

  • The Company Group comply, and for the two (2) years prior to the Signing Date, have complied in all material respects with its internal policies and privacy statements, policies and procedures related to the processing of Personal Data, and applicable Privacy Laws.

  • However, we will provide Account Statement(s) or other information about that Debt to any of you at the request of any Owner or Signing Authority.

More Definitions of Signing

Signing means the signing of this Agreement on the date hereof.
Signing or “Typing” Throughout this Agreement, any and all references to “signing” or “typing” your name to this or any other Agreement includes selecting or checking “I Agree” or signing your name in electronic form or by an online device.
Signing or "Signature" means the application of either a hand signature to a paper
Signing means standard highway supplemental guide signs as specified in the MUTCD.
Signing means the act of providing a signature.
Signing or “sign” means a handwritten signature, advanced electronic signature or electronic signature as defined in the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (No 25 of 2012).