Severally definition

Severally or “Several” shall mean that with respect to the obligations of any Reinsurer, each agrees only for its own part, and not one for the other, in accordance with its individual, respective Certificate or several subscription to the Policy as set forth in Schedule A.
Severally means, when characterizing any obligation of certain Parents under this Agreement, such obligation will be undertaken severally, not jointly; provided, that with respect to any obligation relating to Sky or Sky GP, such obligation will be performed by Xxxxxx and Xxxx in the following proportions: Xxxxxx – 76% and Iris – 24%.
Severally means that each deponent separately swears to the oath or made the declaration as they would if doing it alone.

Examples of Severally in a sentence

  • Or, the Landlord can bring suit against any one Student separately (Severally) for all of the unpaid rent.

  • Severally: Single signature Please fill in the required information for each Authorised Signatory.

  • Tenant, Jointly & Severally Tenant, Jointly & Severally Tenant, Jointly & Severally Tenant, Jointly & Severally Tenant, Jointly & Severally Agent date LEAD-BASED PAINT PROVISIONS: Tenant has received, read and understands Landlord's lead-based (LBP) disclosures and the Lead-Based Paint: Protect Your Family Pamphlet.

  • FORD MOTOR CREDIT COMPANY, a DelawareCorporation, and VARSITY LINCOLN-MERCURY, a Michigan Corporation, Jointly and Severally, Defendants.

  • The Design-Builder further agrees that: Jointly and Severally Liable.

More Definitions of Severally

Severally means each Stockholder is liable alone for his or her own share of a claim, proportionate to that Stockholder's percentage ownership of the Company Shares as reflected in Section 3.A(e) of the Company Disclosure Schedule.
Severally means each Stockholder shall be liable only for such Stockholder's Common Proportionate Share of any Buyer Indemnifiable Losses. Buyer Indemnifiable Losses resulting from or arising out of the breach by a Stockholder of any representation or warranty contained in Section 3 or any covenant or agreement made by such Stockholder in this Agreement or in any Schedule, Exhibit or certificate delivered under or in connection with this Agreement shall be satisfied solely by recourse to such breaching Stockholder's Common Proportionate Share of the Indemnity Escrow and only to the extent of such breaching Stockholder's Common Proportionate Share of the Indemnity Escrow (subject to the option of such breaching Stockholder to pay in cash rather than Escrowed Shares in accordance with the terms of the Indemnification Escrow Agreement).
Severally means that in no event shall the liability of any APAR Holder in respect of any Parent Loss exceed such APAR Holder’s pro rata share of such Parent Loss, as determined by such APAR Holder’s proportionate ownership of the Company Common Stock held by all APAR Holders as of the Closing.
Severally means the pro rata share of the Sellers' ownership of the Company and as set forth: Robert Frauenheim - 27.95%; Daniel Frauenheim - 21.03%; and Christina Xxxxxx - 00.00%.
Severally means that each Share Recipient's total indemnification obligation shall be limited to such Share Recipient's pro rata share of the indemnification obligations of the Share Recipients, with the understanding that such pro rata share shall be based upon the respective amount of consideration payable to such Share Recipient under Section 1.4 hereof), agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Parent harmless from and against, and to reimburse Parent with respect to, any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, judgments, settlements, fines, costs, and expenses (including attorneys' fees) ("Indemnifiable Amounts") of every nature whatsoever incurred by Parent by reason of or arising out of or in connection with (i) any breach, or any claim (including claims by parties other than Parent) that if true, would constitute a breach, by Company of any representation or warranty of Company contained in this Agreement or in any certificate or other document delivered to Parent pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, (ii) the failure, partial or total, of Company to perform any agreement or covenant required by this Agreement to be performed by it, (iii) any tax liability, or asserted liability of the Company relating to any period of time prior to and through the Closing which is not disclosed in the Financial Statements or the Closing Balance Sheet, and in each case without giving effect to any "materiality" limitations or references to "Material Adverse Effect" set forth therein. The obligations of any Share Recipient to indemnify Parent shall be determined without regard to any right to indemnification to which any Share Recipient may have in his or her capacity as an officer, director, employee, agent or any other capacity of Company and no Share Recipient shall be entitled to any indemnification from Company or the Surviving Corporation for amounts paid hereunder. There shall be no right of contribution from Company or any successor to Company.