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Related Loans has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1. “Restructuring Loss” means the loss on a modified or restructured loan measured by the difference between (a) the principal, Accrued Interest, tax and insurance advances, third party or other fees due on a loan prior to the modification or restructuring, and
Related Loans has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.
Related Loans has the meaning given to it in Recital B of the Security Sharing Agreement;

Examples of Related Loans in a sentence

  • Loans payable can be divided into the following two categories:• Mortgage related loans• Non- mortgage related loans 4.1 Mortgage Related Loans Mortgage related loans have a corresponding stream of income from long term advances (i.e. monies lent by the local authorities to borrowers), for the purchase of houses.

  • An expression of interest by staff or the Commission should not be construed as an indication of forthcoming grant approval.

  • Using the HUD Foreclosure and Risk Score data, McHenry County created Tables 2-4 to identify the census tracts that are at the highest need of NSP funds within the three needs categories: McHenry Co. Census Tracts with the Greatest Percentage of Home Foreclosures, McHenry Co. Highest Percentage of Homes Financed by Subprime Mortgage Related Loans, McHenry Co. Highest Percent of Homes Likely to Face Significant Rise in the Rate of Home Foreclosures (greater than or equal to 4.5% chance).

  • Only the interest element is charged or credited to the Statement of Comprehensive Income (Income and Expenditure Statement).4.2 Non Mortgage Related Loans Note 7 to the accounts sets out the types of borrowing under this heading.

  • U.S. Department of the Treasury, Financial Agency Agreement for Asset Management Services for SBA Related Loans and Securities (Mar.

More Definitions of Related Loans

Related Loans is defined in the Cross-Collateralization Agreement.
Related Loans. - means collectively the loans from Lender to Borrower and evidenced by each Related Note and the Related Loan Documents.
Related Loans means (i) a loan made to an Affiliate of Borrower or Guarantor or secured by a Related Property that is included in a Securitization with the Loan or any portion thereof or interest therein or (ii) any loan that is cross-collateralized or cross-defaulted with the Loan.
Related Loans means the loans more specifically described on Exhibit "G" attached hereto made by Lender to the Related Borrowers.
Related Loans means, collectively, the loans evidenced by the Related Notes.
Related Loans means all direct or contingent indebtedness or obligation of the Borrower and/or the Guarantor and/or any Affiliate of any of them, now or hereafter existing to the Bank, including, without limitation, the Outback Revolving Loan and the T‑Bird LLC Loans.
Related Loans means any and all loans outstanding from time to time secured by the Collateral.