Rector definition

Rector means the Rector of the University;
Rector means the Rector of the Institute;
Rector means a Minister in charge of a Parish, who is inducted and instituted to the Cure of Souls with the traditional rights of a Rector unless otherwise controlled by this Ordinance.

Examples of Rector in a sentence

  • N., Rector, A., Hayes, P., and Welty, C.: Defining n-ary relations on the se- mantic web.

  • A certificate of the Delegates elected to the Convention shall be verified, signed prepared and sent by4 the Rector or Priest in Charge, or in the absence of either, by a Warden.Explanation Convention in 2010 approved a Constitutional change to permit the certification of the election of delegatesto Convention to be submitted without a manual signature of the Rector, thus permitting the submission of the certification electronically.

  • Dr. Fakhrudin, M.Pd., as the Rector of Pancasakti University Tegal.2. Dr. Purwo Susongko, M.Pd., as the Dean of Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Pancasakti University Tegal3.

  • There are also many ways in fostering teaching traineeship in foreign universities, participating in Erasmus and other exchange programmes.• in 2017 Rector of Vilnius university approved the new accounting regulation governing the timework of teaching personnel.

  • Procedure for Publication of Graduation Theses and Dissertations, approved by the Rector on November 5, 2012 kehtib_alates_01.01.2015_loputoode_ja_doktorivaitekirjade_avaldamise_kord.pdf) Procedure before the defence 1.

More Definitions of Rector

Rector means the Rector of the University elected under article
Rector means the office bearer referred to in clause 40;
Rector s management team” means the body referred to in clause 34;
Rector means the Rector as referred to in Section 21.
Rector means the priest called as the Chief Minister of a Parish and elected as such pursuant to these Canons and the Canons of the Church.
Rector means the Rector of the University who is appointed under Article 21 of the IIUM Constitution.
Rector means the priest appointed to that position in a parish in the Diocese;