Rector definition

Rector means the Rector of the University;
Rector means the Rector of the Institute;
Rector means a Minister in charge of a Parish, who is inducted and instituted to the Cure of Souls with the traditional rights of a Rector unless otherwise controlled by this Ordinance.

Examples of Rector in a sentence

  • If the Seller finds that the space on the Conference Lines vessels is not available for any specific shipment, he should take up with India-Pakistan-Bangladesh-Ceylon and Burma Outward Fright Conference, 19, Rector Street, New York N.Y 10006U.S.A. for providing shipping space and also inform the Shipping Co-ordination Officer, Ministry of Shipping & Transport, New Delhi (Cable: TRANSCHART, NEW DELHI; Telex: VAH#N ND - 2312, 2448 & 3.

  • For changes in the schedule, or additional information, please call the Application Desk at (212) 513-4670 or consult the bulletin board at the Board’s Offices, at 40 Rector Street, 9th Floor.Tax CommissionMeets in Room 936, Municipal Building, Manhattan, NY 10007, each month at the call of the President.

  • Parole CommissionMeets at its office, 100 Centre Street, Manhattan, NY 10013, on Thursday, at 10:30 A.M.Board of Revision of AwardsMeets in Room 603, Municipal Building, Manhattan, NY 10007, at the call of the Chairman.Board of Standards and AppealsMeets at 40 Rector Street, 6th Floor, Hearing Room “E” on Tuesdays at 10:00 A.M. Review Sessions begin at 9:30 A.M. and are customarily held on Mondays preceding a Tuesday public hearing in the BSA conference room on the 9th Floor of 40 Rector Street.

  • Function: Rector of Malek Ashtar University of Defence Technology.

  • Relatives and in-laws within the fourth degree included, or spouse, of a professor member of the Department requiring the institution of the Research Grant, or of the Rector, the General Manager or a member of the Boards of Directors cannot participate in the competition for the assignment of the Research Grant.In accordance with art.

More Definitions of Rector

Rector means the Rector of the University elected under article
Rector means the priest called as the Chief Minister of a Parish and elected as such pursuant to these Canons and the Canons of the Church.
Rector means the office bearer referred to in clause 40;
Rector s management team” means the body referred to in clause 34;
Rector means the Rector of the University who is appointed under Article 21 of the IIUM Constitution.
Rector means the Rector as referred to in Section 21.
Rector means the priest appointed to that position in a parish in the Diocese;