Random selection definition

Random selection or “randomly selected” means a process of selecting number designators to produce random numbers during a bingo game in which each designator or number in the remaining population has an equal chance or probability of being selected.
Random selection or “random selection basis” means a mechanism for selecting students for alcohol and/or drug testing that:
Random selection means a method of choosing residential dwellings from multifamily housing consisting of similarly constructed and maintained residential dwellings such that each residential dwelling has an equal chance of being selected.

Examples of Random selection in a sentence

Random selection helps show that your study results represent the whole population of interest [i.e. everyone in your service population], but is not required to make a study a true experiment.)In these examples, let’s say X is a tutoring service and O is a test score that students receive.

Random selection drug testing is required of designated positions.

Random selection in a national telephone survey: a comparison of the Kish, next-birthday, and last-birthday methods.

More Definitions of Random selection

Random selection means that some employees may be tested more than once each year; some may not be tested at all.
Random selection means a mechanism for selection of employees for testing where each employee has an equal chance of being tested each time selections are made.
Random selection means a mechanism for selecting activity students for drug testing that:
Random selection here means that every person in the population of interest has an equal chance of being selected to participate in the survey. If the population of interest in your survey is Japanese university students of English, then every student in Japan enrolled in an English class must have an equal chance of being selected. I know of no cases in which such random selection has been done (or even attempted) in applied linguistics.
Random selection means the selection of names in a manner totally immune to
Random selection means drug testing of an employee selected from a pool of employees made regardless