Random selection definition

Random selection means a method of choosing residential dwellings from multifamily housing consisting of similarly constructed and maintained residential dwellings such that each residential dwelling has an equal chance of being selected.
Random selection or “randomly selected” means a process of selecting number designators to produce random numbers during a bingo game in which each designator or number in the remaining population has an equal chance or probability of being selected.
Random selection means a mechanism for selection of employees for testing where each employee has an equal chance of being tested each time selections are made.

Examples of Random selection in a sentence

  • Random selection shall be defined as a method of selection in which each and every sworn member of the law enforcement agency, regardless of rank or assignment, has an equal chance to be selected for drug testing each and every time a selection is conducted.

  • Random selection procedures should be used throughout the juror selection process.

  • Random selection procedures shall be used throughout the juror selection process.

  • Random selection (see the case that more than one PaP is available for the published reference PaP, the C-OSS pre- books the PaPs with the highest priority until the published threshold is reached.

  • Random selection is kind of UE capability (discussed in UE feature).

More Definitions of Random selection

Random selection means that some employees may be tested more than once each year; some may not be tested at all.
Random selection basis” means a mechanism for selecting employees for drug or alcohol testing that:
Random selection means the selection of names in a manner totally immune to the purposeful or inadvertent introduction of subjective bias and such that no recognizable class of the population from which names are being selected can be purposely included or excluded.
Random selection means the random selection of registered jobseekers from the Jobseekers electronic database that is maintained by the City;
Random selection means a mechanism for selecting participating students for drug testing that results in an equal probability that any privileged student subject will be selected and that does not give district personnel any discretion to waive the selection of any privileged student.
Random selection means a mechanism for selecting activity students for drug testing that:
Random selection. Identification” means the selection