Purchaser's Accountants definition

Examples of Purchaser's Accountants in a sentence

  • Before issuing the Closing Financial Statements in final form, the Accountants shall submit final drafts to the Purchaser’s Accountants for consideration and comment.

  • Purchaser’s Accountants shall perform the closing audit in accordance with Schedule 3 and in the absence of specific procedures, use PFRS.

  • If at any time during the period contemplated by this clause 3.5(f), the Purchaser’s Accountants issue the draft audited Closing Accounts to the Purchaser and the Sellers, the procedure described for the release of funds from the Escrow Account under this clause 3.5(f) shall terminate and the procedure described in clause 3.5(b) shall be followed with respect to the release of the remaining amounts in the Escrow Account.

  • SMC agrees to provide the Purchaser with a letter holding Purchaser and/or the Purchaser’s Accountants free and harmless from any liability arising from or in connection with the access to be granted to SMC to the working papers of Purchaser’s Accountants or such other similar letter that the Purchaser or Purchaser’s Accountants may deem reasonably necessary for Purchaser’s Accountants to provide access to its working papers.

More Definitions of Purchaser's Accountants

Purchaser's Accountants means Ernst & Young;
Purchaser's Accountants means such firm of accountants as the Purchaser may nominate from time to time; and
Purchaser's Accountants means KPMG LLP or any public accounting firm with nationally recognized auditing expertise (other than the Seller’s Accountants), as selected by the Purchaser.
Purchaser's Accountants. PricewaterhouseCoopers;
Purchaser's Accountants means Deloitte & Touche LLP;