Accountant's Certificate definition

Examples of Accountant's Certificate in a sentence

  • Chartered Accountants Certificate to the effect that compliance with the relevant SEBI regulations/guidelines as indicated above is attached to the form FC-TRS to be filed with the AD bank.

  • If an Accountant's Certificate delivered with respect to an Asset Coverage Cure Date shows an error was made in the Company's report with respect to such Asset Coverage Cure Date, the calculation or determination made by the Company's independent accountants will be conclusive and binding on the Company with respect to such reports.

  • The Delaware Trustee may conclusively rely upon the Accountant's Certificate.

  • To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Delaware Trustee shall not be required to consent to the commencement by the Trust of any Bankruptcy Action unless it has received a certificate signed by a nationally recognized accounting firm (the "Accountant's Certificate") certifying that such accounting firm reasonably believes that the Trust is insolvent.

  • The Fund will furnish to the Underwriters, on the date on which delivery is made to the Rating Agencies, the Accountant's Certificate (as defined in the Charter) corresponding to the Certificate of Dividend Coverage and Certificate of Eligible Asset Coverage (as defined in the Charter) for the first Valuation Date (as defined in the Charter) following the Closing Time.

More Definitions of Accountant's Certificate

Accountant's Certificate is defined in Section 7.1(b).
Accountant's Certificate means a certificate or opinion signed by an independent certified public accountant of recognized national standing or a firm of accountants of recognized national standing, selected by the Authority upon consultation with the Borrower, who may be the accountant or firm of accountants who regularly audit the books of the Authority.
Accountant's Certificate is defined in Section 7.1.
Accountant's Certificate. The meaning specified in Section 7.18(d).
Accountant's Certificate has the meaning set forth in Section 5.06 hereof.
Accountant's Certificate. A certificate of the firm or firms appointed by the Issuer pursuant to Section 10.9(a).
Accountant's Certificate means a certificate signed by an Accountant.