Canadian Secured Parties definition

Canadian Secured Parties means, collectively, the Administrative Agent, the Collateral Agent, the Canadian Revolving Credit Lenders, the Canadian L/C Issuer, the Canadian Hedge Banks, the Canadian Cash Management Banks, each co-agent or sub-agent appointed by the Administrative Agent or the Collateral Agent from time to time pursuant to Section 9.05, and the other Persons the Canadian Obligations owing to which are or are purported to be secured by the Canadian Collateral under the terms of the Collateral Documents.
Canadian Secured Parties has the meaning assigned to such term in the Canadian Security Agreement.
Canadian Secured Parties the “Secured Parties” as defined in the Canadian Guarantee and Collateral Agreement.

Examples of Canadian Secured Parties in a sentence

  • Take or omit to take any action, which might or would have the result of materially impairing the security interests in favor of the Administrative Agent with respect to the Collateral or grant to any Person (other than the Administrative Agent for the benefit of itself and the Secured Parties or the Canadian Secured Parties, as the case may be, pursuant to the Security Documents) any interest whatsoever in the Collateral, except for Permitted Liens and Asset Dispositions permitted under Section 10.5.

  • Notwithstanding anything herein or in any other Credit Document to the contrary, the Canadian Secured Parties, by receipt of the benefits of the US Collateral, hereby acknowledge the marshaling rights of the US Administrative Agent and US Lenders.

  • The Agent accepts to act as fondé de pouvoir of the Canadian Secured Parties.

  • The Secured Parties comprise the US Secured Parties, the Canadian Secured Parties and the Hedging Secured Parties – the US Secured Parties and the Canadian Secured Parties have a first priority lien on the Collateral (as defined in the Revolver Facility, the “ Revolver First Lien Collateral”) and a junior lien on the Additional Collateral and the Hedging Secured Parties have a second priority lien on the Revolver First Lien Collateral and a further junior lien on the Additional Collateral.

  • Exercise on behalf of the US Secured Parties and the Canadian Secured Parties, as applicable, all of its other rights and remedies under this Agreement, the other Loan Documents and Applicable Law, in order to satisfy all of the Secured Obligations.

More Definitions of Canadian Secured Parties

Canadian Secured Parties the collective reference to the Term Lenders, the Canadian Revolving Lenders, the Collateral Agent (in its capacity as agent for the other Canadian Secured Parties), the Administrative Agent, the Qualified Counterparties under Specified Agreements entered into by the Canadian Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries and the Canadian Issuing Lenders.
Canadian Secured Parties means the “Secured Parties” as defined in the Canadian Credit Agreement.
Canadian Secured Parties means, collectively, the Agent, the Canadian Lenders, the Canadian Bank, any Canadian Letter of Credit Issuer, the Indemnified Persons and each of the Agent, any Canadian Lender or any Affiliate of the Agent or such Canadian Lender to which is owed any Designated Bank Products Obligations, in each case in its capacity as an obligee of Canadian Obligations.
Canadian Secured Parties means, collectively, the Administrative Agent, the Collateral Agent, each other Agent, the Lenders and each party to a Permitted Canadian Hedging Agreement if such person executes and delivers to the Administrative Agent a letter agreement in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent pursuant to which such person (i) appoints the Collateral Agent as its agent under the applicable Loan Documents and (ii) agrees to be bound by the provisions of Sections 11.03 and 11.09.
Canadian Secured Parties means Canadian Agent, each Canadian Lender, each Canadian L/C Issuer and each other holder of a Canadian Obligation.