Definition of Prepetition Bank Credit Agreement

Prepetition Bank Credit Agreement means that certain Credit Agreement dated April 28, 1998, by and among UA, Bank of America, N.A., as Administrative Agent, Bank Boston, N.A., as Documentation Agent, Nations Bank Texas, N.A., as Syndication Agent, and Merrill Lynch Capital Corporation and Morgan Stanley Senior Funding, Inc., as Co. Syndication Agents, and certain lenders that are parties thereto, together with all related notes, certificates, security agreements, mortgages, pledges, indemnities, collateral assignments, undertakings, guarantees, and other instruments and documents, as each may have been amended or modified from time to time.

Examples of Prepetition Bank Credit Agreement in a sentence

The Fixed Rate Notes and the Floating Rate Notes (collectively, the "Subordinated Notes") are subordinate to the Claims under the Prepetition Bank Credit Agreement.
As of May 2, 2000, the outstanding indebtedness under the Prepetition Bank Credit Agreement totaled approximately $440 million in principal.
Before the Petition Date, United Artists partially funded its and its subsidiaries' operations through a $450 million partially revolving credit facility (the "Prepetition Bank Credit Facility") established under the Prepetition Bank Credit Agreement, a credit agreement dated April 21, 1998, by and among UA and Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, as administrative agent ("Bank of America"), and certain other lenders specified therein, as amended from time to time.