Definition of Pre-Conditions

Pre-Conditions means the conditions specified in Schedule 2.

Examples of Pre-Conditions in a sentence

Connect Holdings Limited (Offeror) wishes to announce that, subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the Pre-Conditions set out in Section 2 below, the Offeror intends to make a voluntary conditional general offer (Offer) to acquire all the issued ordinary shares (PacNet Shares) in the capital of Pacific Internet Limited (PacNet), other than those already held by the Offeror and its related corporations or nominees of the Offeror and its related corporations as at the date of the Offer.
The making of the proposed Offer and the posting of the formal offer to purchase document containing the terms and conditions of the Offer (Offer Document) will be subject to, and will only take place following, the satisfaction of the pre-conditions set out this Section 2 (Pre-Conditions).
Conditions in terms substantially similar to the Pre-Conditions (subject to such modifications as may be required by the Offeror after prior consultation with the SIC); and (c) Other conditions.
Please refer to the Announcement for further details on the Pre-Conditions.
Accordingly, all references to the Offer in this Announcement refer to the possible Offer which will only be made if and when the Pre-Conditions are satisfied, no later than the 9-month date or 12-month date, as applicable.