Definition of PRC Agreements

PRC Agreements means the agreements between Greenpower and the PRC Companies.

Examples of PRC Agreements in a sentence

Related Company is legally established, and validly existing as an independent legal entities; (ii) each Related Company is an independent legal person and none of them is exposed to liabilities incurred by the other party; (iii) the PRC Agreements constitute valid and binding obligations of the parties to such agreements, and (iv) each of the PRC Agreements and the rights and obligations of the parties thereto are enforceable and valid in accordance with the laws of the PRC.
Power for Business Contracts Each of the relevant PRC Subsidiaries has full power, authority and legal right to enter into, execute, adopt, assume, issue, deliver and perform their respective obligations, in all material respects, under each of the PRC Agreements and any Existing Instrument under which the relevant PRC Subsidiaries are parties.
Except as contemplated by or disclosed in the Transaction Agreements and the PRC Agreements, such Management Shareholder is not a party to and has no Knowledge of any agreements, written or oral, relating to the acquisition, disposition, registration under the Securities Act in the United State or any equivalent Law in another jurisdiction, or voting, of the securities of any Group Company.
No shareholder of any Group Company has entered into any agreements with respect to the voting of capital shares of such Group Company, other than the Voting Agreement and the PRC Agreements.