Definition of Postpetition Period

Postpetition Period means the period of time following the Petition Date through the Confirmation Date.
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Examples of Postpetition Period in a sentence

Modifications, amendments, supplements, and restatements to any prepetition Executory Contracts or Unexpired Leases that have been executed by the Debtors during the Postpetition Period shall not be deemed to alter the prepetition nature of the Executory Contract or Unexpired Lease, or the validity, priority, or amount of any Claims that may arise in connection therewith.
Contracts and leases entered into during the Postpetition Period by any Debtor, including any Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases assumed by such Debtor, shall be performed by the Debtor or Reorganized Debtor liable thereunder in the ordinary course of its business.
Allowed General Administrative Claims based on liabilities incurred by the Debtors in the ordinary course of their business during the Postpetition Period will be paid by the Reorganized Debtors pursuant to the terms and conditions of the particular transaction giving rise to such Allowed General Administrative Claims, without any further action by the Holders of such Allowed General Administrative Claims.