Definition of Post-Retirement Medical Plan

Post-Retirement Medical Plan means the McDonalds Corporation Post-Retirement Medical Plan or any other similar plan or program hereinafter sponsored by the Company or a subsidiary thereof.
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Examples of Post-Retirement Medical Plan in a sentence

On the Closing Date, Bekaert shall ----------------------- cause Newco to assume all of MSC's obligations to provide post-retirement medical benefits under the MSC Post-Retirement Medical Plan to Transferred Employees.
All liabilities and obligations under each of the Employee Benefit Plans (as defined in Section 6(m)(i)) or any employee benefit plan, agreement or other arrangement, program or policy maintained or sponsored by Seller or any of its subsidiaries; (v) Post-Retirement Medical Plan Liabilities.
Following the Phase II Employment Period, you shall be eligible to participate in the Senior Officers Post-Retirement Medical Plan.
The Bank hereby acknowledge Executive's rights under the: (1) 2008 Benefit Equalization Plan; (2) Senior Officers Post-Retirement Medical Plan; and (3) Bank's tax-qualified pension plan and tax-qualified defined contribution plans (such as the Bank's 401(k) plan and employee stock ownership plan, and includes a right to a contribution and allocation under the Bank's 401(k) plan and employee stock ownership plan for the 2017 plan year in accordance with their terms)(collectively, the "Oritani Plans").
HP Co. Post-Retirement Medical Plan: means the Helmerich & Payne, Inc.