Definition of Post-Employment Benefits

Post-Employment Benefits means any pension benefit or seniority premium arising out of or relating to any individual's employment with any Acquired Company prior to the Closing Date.

Examples of Post-Employment Benefits in a sentence

Other Post-Employment Benefits The City self-administers a single employer, defined benefit plan and provides health care for five years subsequent to separation for eligible retirees.
International Accounting Standard 19, Post-Employment Benefits ("IAS 19") IAS 19 was amended to eliminate an entity's option to defer the recognition of certain gains and losses related to post-employment benefits and require re-measurement of associated assets and liabilities in other comprehensive income.
See "Other Post-Employment Benefits" below for a discussion of medical benefits paid to retirees.
Post-Employment Benefits The State provides health, dental and life insurance benefits for certain retirees and their dependents.
OTHER POST EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS (OPEB) During fiscal year 2008, the City adopted GASB Statement No. 45., Accounting and Financial Reporting by Employers for Post-Employment Benefits Other than Pensions (OPEB), issued July, 2004.