Definition of Post-Closing Incentive Consideration

Post-Closing Incentive Consideration means "Post-Closing Incentive Consideration" as defined in the Purchase Agreement.
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Examples of Post-Closing Incentive Consideration in a sentence

None of Seller or any of its Subsidiaries is involved in the development of any products reasonably likely to lead to a reduction or termination of Post-Closing Incentive Consideration payments under the Product Agreements, nor, to the Knowledge of Seller, is any Counterparty.
During the Post-Closing Incentive Period in each country, Buyer shall pay to Seller consideration of [***] of Net Sales (the Post-Closing Incentive Consideration).
Final 2013 Royalty Report means the first Royalty Report which, when combined with all prior Royalty Reports received by Purchasers, includes the full amount of Net Sales by Bausch & Lomb and Post-Closing Incentive Consideration paid or payable by Bausch & Lomb for each Royalty Quarter for the 2013 Royalty Year.
Post-Closing Incentive Consideration based upon Net Sales shall begin to accrue on the date of the First Commercial Sale.
In the event that Seller commences and prosecutes legal action as provided in the preceding sentence, Buyer shall not be [***] in such legal action and Post-Closing Incentive Consideration shall remain at [***] of the Net Sales for each Quarter to a purchaser or end user of the Products in the applicable country where Competing Product is being sold as provided in the sub part (b) of the second sentence of this Subsection until such time, if ever, as Competing Product is no longer sold in such country.