Definition of Post-2007 Participant

Post-2007 Participant means a Participant that is hired by the Company on or after September 1, 2007.

Examples of Post-2007 Participant in a sentence

In no event will the total matching contributions in the Employee Savings Plan and this Plan exceed 6% of the Converted Participant's or Post-2007 Participant's Base Salary in any given year.
A Post-2007 Participant's monthly supplemental retirement benefit payable under the Plan as a Single Life Pension at the Post-2007 Participant's Normal Retirement Date will be equal to (1) the sum of two portions, the first of which is described in Paragraph (a) of this Section 3.1.3 and the second of which is described in Paragraph (b) of this Section 3.1.3, reduced by (2) any amount described in Paragraph (c) of this Section 3.1.3.
Notwithstanding that the Basic Plan does not provide for lump sum benefits to Converted Participants or Post-2007 Participants, the Actuarial Equivalent lump-sum benefit of a Converted Participant or Post-2007 Participant under this Plan shall be determined by applying the same principles that would be applied in determining the Actuarial Equivalent lump sum benefits to a similarly situated Stationary Participant.