Definition of Pooled CP Rate

Pooled CP Rate meanss, for each day with respect to the Investment as to which the Pooled CP Rate is applicable, the sum of (i) discount or yield accrued (including, without limitation, any associated with financing the discount or interest component on the roll-over of any Pooled Commercial Paper) on the Purchaser's Pooled Commercial Paper on such day, plus (ii) any and all accrued commissions in respect of its placement agents and commercial paper dealers, and issuing and paying agent fees incurred, in respect of such Pooled Commercial Paper for such day, plus (iii) other costs (including without limitation those associated with funding small or odd-lot amounts) with respect to all receivable purchase, credit and other investment facilities which are funded by the applicable Pooled Commercial Paper for such day. The Pooled CP Rate shall be determined for the Purchaser by the Agent, whose determination shall be conclusive.