Definition of Polo Holdings

Polo Holdings means Diamond Resorts Holdings, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company.

Examples of Polo Holdings in a sentence

Polo Holdings, a company 100% held by Columna Holdings Limited) a share purchase agreement (the Pilosio Transfer Agreement) in connection with the transfer of 100% of the equity interest in Pilosio (as defined below) and Polo Holdings paid Euro 1,000,000.00 (one million) into an escrow account.
Permit the aggregate unrestricted cash and Cash Equivalents held by Polo Holdings, DRC and the other Subsidiaries (other than the cash and Cash Equivalents held by an Unrestricted Subsidiary) on the last day of any fiscal quarter to be less than $10,000,000.
Polo Holdings is a holding company and has no business operations other than in its capacity as the direct parent company of DRC.