POI definition

POI means the physical location where the originating Party’s facilities physically interconnect with the terminating Party’s facilities for the purpose of exchanging traffic.

Examples of POI in a sentence

  • AEP will extend two (2) fiber-optic cables from the Steubenville 69 kV control house to the POI.

  • Each POI is represented by longitude and latitude coordinates; however, this naturally represents only one specific location in the building.

  • Last of all, some categories are very heterogeneous with respect to the size of the POI they cover.

  • They can use the Amsterdam training set as the foundation of their planning strategies since POI data is globally available through services such as Google Maps or openstreetmap.

  • We adapt this approach slightly to incorporate the inherent uncertainty of the POI coordinates.

More Definitions of POI

POI or “Point of Interconnection” means the point of interconnection on the Company’s network where the Parties have agreed to the exchange of Local Traffic between Company’s network and Carrier’s network.
POI means an agreed location which: