PO Component definition

PO Component. As defined in the Preliminary Statement.
PO Component. Either the X-2 PO-1 Component or X-2 PO-2 Component, as applicable.
PO Component. Any of the Class 1-X-PO Component, Class 2-X-PO Component or Class 3-X-PO Component.

Examples of PO Component in a sentence

  • During each calendar month, distributions in reduction of the Certificate Balances of the Trust Fund Certificates and of the Component Balance of the PO Component shall be made in an amount equal to the Principal Distribution Amount and shall be distributed in the amounts and in the priorities specified in the Prospectus Supplement.

  • Xxxxxx Mae shall distribute to the Class 59-R Certificateholder the proceeds of the remaining assets of the Upper Tier REMIC, if any, after (i) the Class Balance of each Class of Regular Certificates has been reduced to zero and (ii) the Component Balance of the PO Component has been reduced to zero.

  • The PO Component is a principal only component with an original class balance of $100, which will increase as described in the Prospectus Supplement specified in the Trust Agreement.

  • As soon as practicable following the eleventh calendar day of each month, Xxxxxx Xxx will make available the Class Factor (carried to eight decimal places) for each Class of Certificates (and, in the case of the IP Class, the Component Factor for each Component) after giving effect to the distribution of the Principal Distribution Amount during the current calendar month and any addition to the Class Balances of the Accrual Classes and the F Class (and the Component Balance of the PO Component).

More Definitions of PO Component

PO Component. Each of the PO-1 Component, the Class PO-2 Component, the Class PO-3 Component and the PO-4 Component, as applicable.
PO Component. The PO-1 Component or the PO-B Component, as applicable.
PO Component. The Class A-X-PO-1 or Class A-X-PO-2 Components. The PO Components have a Pass-Through Rate of 0.000% per annum.
PO Component. The 3-PO-1 Component and the 3-PO-2 Component as applicable.
PO Component. Not applicable.
PO Component. Any of the Class 1-30-PO Component and Class 3-30-PO Xxxxxxxxx.