Petition for benefits definition

Petition for benefits means a pleading invoking the jurisdiction of the OJCC and subject to the requirements of Section 440.192(1) through (4), F.S.
Petition for benefits means a pleading meeting, specifically but not limited to, the requirements of sections 440.192(1)–(4), Florida Statutes, that invokes the jurisdiction of the judge.
Petition for benefits means a pleading invoking the jurisdiction of the OJCC and subject to the requirements of Sections 440.192(1)-(4), Florida Statutes.

Examples of Petition for benefits in a sentence

  • IF YOU BELIEVE YOU SUFFERED A WORK-RELATED INJURY, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO FILE A CLAIM PETITION WITH THE BUREAU OF WORKERS’ COMPENSATION IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOUR FUTURE RIGHTS.” (Claimant’s Exhibit C-1.) The NSTC form further indicates that “[y]ou have three (3) years from the date of injury or discovery of your condition to file a Claim Petition for benefits.

  • Petition for benefits filed May 5, 2016, with attached medical record.

  • Order granting motion for consolidation under case number 14–023027.4. Petition for benefits, filed November 4, 2014.

  • Petition for benefits filed November 25, 2015, with attachments.2. Response to petition for benefits filed November 30, 2015.3. Uniform pretrial stipulation form and order approving uniform pretrial stipulation form filed March 30, 2016.4. Claimant’s trial memorandum (for argument only).5.

  • Petition for benefits filed 1/21/15 (1) * Numbers in parentheses refer to the OJCC docket number.2. Response to petition for benefits filed 1/28/15 (4) 3.

  • The March 12, 2015 NSTC did, in fact, contain a notice Claimant had “three years from the date of injury or discovery of your condition to file a Claim Petition for benefits.

  • Based upon the foregoing Conclusions, the Administrative Law Judge makes the following: RECOMMENDATION IT IS HEREBY RECOMMENDED that the Commissioner of Commerce issue an Order reversing the initial determination of MIGA to deny the Claimant's Petition for benefits pursuant to Minn.

Related to Petition for benefits

  • Claim for Benefits means a request for a Plan benefit or benefits made by a Member in accordance with the Plan’s Appeals Procedures, including any Pre-Service Claims (requests for Prior Authorization) and Post-Service Claims (requests for benefit payment).

  • Disability benefits means any cash payments which are payable to a covered individual for all or part of a period of disability pursuant to P.L.1948, c.110 (C.43:21-25 et al.).

  • Disability benefit recipient means a member who is receiving a disability benefit.

  • Employment benefits means all benefits provided or made

  • Disability Benefit means the benefit set forth in Article 8.

  • Retirement Benefits means benefits paid by reference to reaching, or the expectation of reaching, retirement or, where they are supplementary to those benefits and provided on an ancillary basis, in the form of payments on death, disability, or cessation of employment or in the form of support payments or services in case of sickness, indigence or death. In order to facilitate financial security in retirement, these benefits may take the form of payments for life, payments made for a temporary period, a lump sum, or any combination thereof;

  • Pharmacy benefit manager means a person, business or other

  • Social Security Benefits means any social insurance, pension insurance benefits, medical insurance benefits, work-related injury insurance benefits, maternity insurance benefits, unemployment insurance benefits and public housing reserve fund benefits or similar benefits, in each case as required by any applicable Law or contractual arrangements.

  • Regular benefits ’ means benefits payable to an individual under this act or under any other state law, including benefits payable to federal civilian employees and to ex-servicemen pursuant to 5 U.S.C. chapter 85, other than extended benefits.

  • SERP has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 5(c) hereof.

  • Separation Benefits has the meaning accorded such term in Section 3.04.

  • Medical Benefits Schedule means the Medicare Schedule of Benefits produced by the Department of Health to which all fees and benefits relate for inpatient hospital services.

  • land reform beneficiary , in relation to a property, means a person who -

  • Pharmacy benefits manager means a person that performs pharmacy benefits management.

  • Termination for Just Cause means termination because of Executive’s personal dishonesty, incompetence, willful misconduct, breach of fiduciary duty involving personal profit, intentional failure to perform stated duties, willful violation of any law, rule or regulation (other than traffic violations or similar offenses) or final cease-and-desist order, or material breach of any provision of this Agreement.

  • Societal benefits charge means a charge imposed by an electric

  • Termination Benefits means the benefits described in Section 4.1(b).

  • Proof of Claim and Release means the Proof of Claim and Release form for submitting a Claim, which, subject to approval of the Court, shall be substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A-2, that a Class Member must complete and submit should that Class Member seek to share in a distribution of the Net Settlement Fund.

  • Covered benefits or “benefits” means those health care services to which a covered person is entitled under the terms of a health benefit plan.

  • Adverse Benefit Determination means any of the following:

  • Social Security Benefit means the Primary Insurance Amount to which a Participant becomes entitled at age sixty-five (65) under Social Security legislation in effect on the earliest of his Normal Retirement Date, early retirement date or Termination Date.

  • Severance Benefits mean the payment of severance compensation as provided in Section 2.3 herein.

  • Termination Benefit means the benefit set forth in Article 7.

  • Income beneficiary means a person to whom net income of a trust is or may be payable.

  • Accrued Benefits shall include the following amounts, payable as described herein: (i) all base salary for the time period ending with the Termination Date; (ii) reimbursement for any and all monies advanced in connection with the Executive's employment for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by the Executive on behalf of the Company and its Affiliates for the time period ending with the Termination Date; (iii) any and all other cash earned through the Termination Date and deferred at the election of the Executive or pursuant to any deferred compensation plan then in effect; (iv) notwithstanding any provision of any bonus or incentive compensation plan applicable to the Executive, a lump sum amount, in cash, equal to the sum of (A) any bonus or incentive compensation that has been allocated or awarded to the Executive for a fiscal year or other measuring period under the plan that ends prior to the Termination Date but has not yet been paid (pursuant to Section 5(f) or otherwise) and (B) a pro rata portion to the Termination Date of the aggregate value of all contingent bonus or incentive compensation awards to the Executive for all uncompleted periods under the plan calculated as to each such award as if the Goals with respect to such bonus or incentive compensation award had been attained; and (v) all other payments and benefits to which the Executive (or in the event of the Executive's death, the Executive's surviving spouse or other beneficiary) may be entitled as compensatory fringe benefits or under the terms of any benefit plan of the Employer, including severance payments under the Employer's severance policies and practices in the form most favorable to the Executive that were in effect at any time during the 180-day period prior to the Effective Date. Payment of Accrued Benefits shall be made promptly in accordance with the Employer's prevailing practice with respect to clauses (i) and (ii) or, with respect to clauses (iii), (iv) and (v), pursuant to the terms of the benefit plan or practice establishing such benefits.

  • Medical Benefits means the monthly fair market value of benefits provided to the Employee and the Employee’s dependents under the major medical, dental and vision benefit plans sponsored and maintained by the Company, at the level of coverage in effect for such persons immediately prior to the Employee’s termination of employment date. The “monthly fair market value” of such benefits shall be equal to the monthly cost as if such persons elected COBRA continuation coverage at such time at their own expense.