natural person definition

natural person means any natural person having the nationality of either Contracting Party in accordance with its laws.
natural person means a natural person who has the nationality of one of the Parties or is a permanent resident, in accordance with the laws of that Party;
natural person means a human being.

Examples of natural person in a sentence

  • Natural person over the age of 18 acting for non- professional purposes(consumer)Surname, 昀椀rst name, date of birth, na}onality and country of residence; email address.Iden}ty document Identifikačné údajePodporné dokumentyPrávnická osobaNázov spoločnos}; e-Doklad totožnos} mailová adresazákonného spoločnos};zástupcu; priezvisko,stanovy meno, dátumprávnickej narodenia,osoby; štátnaosvedčenie o príslušnosť azápise do krajina pobytuobchodného zákonnéhoregistra.

  • Indicate whether the organisation is Ltd, PLC, SA, GmbH, … 27 Natural person Natural person refers to a physical person.

More Definitions of natural person

natural person means a natural person who under the law of that Member State:
natural person means a natural person, or a holding company, investment vehicle or trust for, or owned and operated for the primary benefit of, a natural person.
natural person means an individual person.
natural person means an individual who is not an association, joint venture or joint stock company, partnership, limited partnership, business corporation, nonprofit corporation, other business entity, or any group of individuals or business entities, however organized.
natural person means a citizen or non-citizen in accordance with the law of The Republic of Latvia;
natural person or "individual" means a human being.
natural person means any unincorporated individual or group of individuals. The term "individual" is synonymous with "natural person."