Park Use Permit definition

Park Use Permit means a licence, issued under the Park Act, authorizing an activity or a course of behaviour or conduct, or the occupancy, use, development, exploitation or extraction of a natural resource on or in a park
Park Use Permit means the document issued by the RDN that details the terms by which an individual or group may make Special Use of the Park as regulated by Bylaw 1399;
Park Use Permit means a permit for special use of a park.

More Definitions of Park Use Permit

Park Use Permit or “Permit” means a permit granted by the City to regulate park properties and other city property, excluding streets, used for Events.
Park Use Permit means a permit authorizing use of a City property for purposes of access to conduct shore water events.
Park Use Permit means a valid Park Use Permit issued pursuant to the provisions of “Park Use Bylaw No. 1526, 2002”;
Park Use Permit means written authorization to enter and remain in a City park which is closed at night.

Related to Park Use Permit

  • Land use permit means a permit issued by a land use authority.

  • Special use permit means a permit issued in accordance with Chapter 10, Special Use Permit Act.

  • Conditional Use Permit means a permit issued pursuant to Section 1.14 of this Ordinance.

  • Parking Permit means a permit issued by the Council to residents allowing the parking of a vehicle in a residents parking bay on the highway within the area of the Council but not including a disabled person’s “purple badge” issued pursuant to Section 21 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970

  • Building Permit means a permit issued pursuant to section 4 of this local law. The term “Building Permit” shall also include a Building Permit which is renewed, amended or extended pursuant to any provision of this local law.

  • work permit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.21(e).

  • Applicable Permit means the Kansas Water Pollution Control and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Stormwater Runoff from Construction Activities General Permit or a project specific stormwater permit issued to KDOT.

  • Operating Permit means a permit issued pursuant to section 10 of this local law. The term “Operating Permit” shall also include an Operating Permit which is renewed, amended or extended pursuant to any provision of this local law.

  • residence permit means a permit of any type issued by Armenia or one of the Member States entitling a person to reside on its territory. This shall not include temporary permissions to remain on its territory in connection with the processing of an asylum application or an application for a residence permit;

  • Construction permit means a permit required for the construction of a new impounding

  • General permit means a Permit which covers multiple dischargers of a point source category within a designated geographical area, in lieu of individual Permits being issued to each discharger.

  • Title V Permit means an operating permit under Title V of the Act.

  • State permit means an approval to conduct a land-disturbing activity issued by the State Board in the form of a state stormwater individual permit or coverage issued under a state general permit or an approval issued by the State Board for stormwater discharges from an MS4. Under these state permits, the Commonwealth imposes and enforces requirements pursuant to the federal Clean Water Act and regulations, the Virginia Stormwater Management Act and the Regulations.

  • Site License means for each product, the term “Site License” shall mean the license established upon acquisition of the applicable number of copies of such product and payment of the applicable license fees as set forth in the Statement of Work.

  • construction work permit means a document issued in terms of regulation 3; "contractor" means an employer who performs construction work;

  • Applicable Permits means all clearances, licences, permits, authorisations, no objection certificates, consents, approvals and exemptions required to be obtained or maintained under Applicable Laws in connection with the construction, operation and maintenance of the Project Facilities during the subsistence of this Agreement;

  • Occupancy Permit means a document authorizing the use of a development undertaken in accordance with a development permit issued pursuant to this Land Use Bylaw;

  • Emergency permit means a permit issued to a physician currently licensed in another state, authorizing the physician to practice in this state for the duration of a specific medical emergency, not to exceed thirty (30) days;

  • Regulatory Permits means all Permits granted by the FDA or any comparable Governmental Entity to the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, including investigational new drug applications, Biologics License Applications, manufacturing approvals and authorizations, clinical trial authorizations and ethical reviews, or their national or foreign equivalents.

  • Required Permit means a Permit (a) issued or required under Laws applicable to the business of Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries or necessary in the manufacturing, importing, exporting, possession, ownership, warehousing, marketing, promoting, sale, labeling, furnishing, distribution or delivery of goods or services under Laws applicable to the business of Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries or any Drug Application (including without limitation, at any point in time, all licenses, approvals and permits issued by the FDA or any other applicable Governmental Authority necessary for the testing, manufacture, marketing or sale of any Product by any applicable Borrower(s) as such activities are being conducted by such Borrower with respect to such Product at such time), and (b) issued by any Person from which Borrower or any of their Subsidiaries have received an accreditation.

  • Generation Licence means an electricity generation licence granted or treated as granted pursuant to section 6(1)(a) of the EA 1989 that authorises a person to generate electricity;

  • PAL permit means the major NSR permit, the minor NSR permit, or the State operating permit under a pro- gram that is approved into the State Implementation Plan, or the title V permit issued by the Administrator that establishes a PAL for a major sta- tionary source or a GHG-only source.

  • Development Permit means a document authorizing a development issued pursuant to this Land Use Bylaw;

  • Planning Permission means any permission, consent or approval given under the Planning Acts;

  • Business License means a license issued by the Department to a medical marijuana dispensary, grower, processor, testing laboratory, or transporter.

  • LICENCE AND PERMITS means any and all of the following which must be valid and updated periodically by the Transport Supplier to the satisfaction of the Company:-