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Ownit or the "Transferor") (the "Transfer Agreement"), the Seller has purchased or received certain mortgage loans identified on the Mortgage Loan Schedule attached hereto as Schedule A (the "Mortgage Loans");
Ownit. Ownit, and any successor thereto.
Ownit. Ownit Mortgage Solutions, Inc. and any successor thereto.

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  • Wilshire CirclePlaintiff$40,000.0011/29/2016Association, as Trustee for Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust, Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2005-2Brabant, et al.Goshen, OH 45122304413.100.2016-CVE-0542 Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.

  • This was perhaps surprising, given that Merrill Lynch & Co had purchased a minority stake in Ownit the previous year.

  • Although Ownit was the original party to the financing, Ms. Rosenfield alleges that the loan was subsequently sold or assigned to HSBC.

  • Armstrong aka4204 ChristopherPlaintiff$115,000.004/19/2016Association, as Trustee for Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust, Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificate, Series 2005-5Shawn Armstrong and TracyJ.

  • Ownit, New Century, and Novastar that an unusually high share of their loans were becoming delinquent almost immediately were a cause for alarm.

  • Prospectus Supplements were then filed for each of thirty-three M&T Mortgage Corp.; GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Inc.; NovaStar; Accredited Home Lenders Inc.; American Home Mortgage Corp.; CTX Mortgage Company, LLC; Flagstar; FSB; Mortgage, Inc.; Ownit Mortgage Solutions; SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.; and Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corp.

  • For example, CW30, a senior underwriter at the Atlanta, Georgia, branch of Ownit Mortgage Solutions from 2005-2006, stated that “everyone was riding on totally inflated values” for a year or two.

  • As a consequence of the decline in the real estate market, a number of subprime mortgage originators filed bankruptcy petitions at the end of 2006 and in early 2007, including Ownit Mortgage Solutions, Inc.

  • Ownit Mortgage filed for bankruptcy on January 2, 2007 because it did not have the funds to repurchase subprime mortgages which it was obligated to repurchase.

  • Merrill Lynch acquired Mortgages PLC and Ownit Mortgage Solutions and in 2004 and 2005, respectively.

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