ORS definition

ORS means the Oregon Revised Statutes;
ORS in the body of the document indicate alternative provisions. By the end of the editing process, there should be no square brackets left in the body of the document, and only one alternative from each set of alternatives should remain. Elements may be specified as optional in the accompanying notes, but that does not mean that they are in all cases removable. Depending upon the circumstances, an optional element may be: (i) required by law; or (ii) necessary to ensure that the document is internally consistent.

Examples of ORS in a sentence

  • For purposes of this section, “Oregon tax laws” means those programs listed in ORS 305.380(4).

  • These provisions are to be used in conjunction with the corresponding ORS and/or OAR.

  • The committee is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the apprenticeship program and must be knowledgeable in the application of Chapter 660 ORS, OAR 839 division 011 and other law and rule as appropriate to the occupation(s).

  • Auth.: ORS 410.070, 443.001, 443.004, 443.725, 443.730, 443.735,443.738, 443.742, 443.760, 443.767, 443.775, 443.790Stats.

  • See ORS Chapter 660.010 & OAR 839-011-0070 for the definitions of terms used within these Standards.

More Definitions of ORS

ORS means the Office of Research and Statistics of the State Budget and Control Board.