Operating Machine definition

Operating Machine means controlling the working action of a machine and accepting responsibility for the observance of the manufacturing specifications of the process. This shall not be taken to mean the sole process of starting or stopping a machine.

Examples of Operating Machine in a sentence

  • She was informed that the main problems occurred with the Coin Operating Machine and ALIS.

  • MOTOR SPECIFICATIONS FURNAS HEATER ELEMENTS WIRING DIAGRAM OPERATION MOVING SHUTTLE WITH SHARP CHIPPING BLADESTO AVOID SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY• ONLY Properly Trained Personnel Should Use This Equipment.• ALWAYS Keep Hands Clear of Sharp Chipping Blades and Other Moving Parts.• NEVER Operate With Product Chute Cover in the Open Position.• DO NOT Tamper With or Remove Product Chute Cover.• ALWAYS Close Product Chute Cover Completely Before Operating Machine.

  • He will also coordinate the development of the “Markets & Investment Banking” segment at European level.Pierangelo Mortara leaves Unicredit Group where, during the last three years, run the role of Executive Vice President and Deputy Managing Director of UBIS.In Unicredit Mr. Mortara was able to contribute to the creation the "Group Operating Machine" at European level; during this period he has also increased his international profile.

  • First, those receiving a TANF grant receive subsidies for child care for hours spent at work or on other approved activities, plus an additional 25% of hours for meals and travel time.

  • She believes these issues have been resolved but pointed out that we are not looking to purchase/install the Coin Operating Machine.

Related to Operating Machine

  • Vending machine means a food establishment which is a self-service device that, upon insertion of a coin, paper currency, token, card, or key, dispenses unit servings of food in bulk or in packages without the necessity of replenishing the device between each vending operation.

  • Operating System refers to the software that manages Hardware for Programs and other software.

  • Open video system means an open video system authorized pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 573 and, for

  • Fuel system means the components which store or transport fuel on board the vehicle and comprise the fuel tank system, all fuel and vapour lines, any non-tank mounted fuel pumps and the activated carbon canister.

  • Operating Manual means the document that contains the procedures and forms for the operation of bungee jumping equipment and activity at a site.

  • Alarm system means equipment and devices assembled for the purpose of:

  • Slot machine means any mechanical, electrical, video, electronic, or other device, contrivance, or machine which, after insertion of a coin, token, or similar object, or upon payment of any required consideration whatsoever by a player, is available to be played or operated, and which, whether by reason of the skill of the player or application of the element of chance, or both, may deliver or entitle the player operating the machine to receive cash premiums, merchandise, tokens, redeemable game credits, or any other thing of value other than unredeemable free games, whether the payoff is made automatically from the machines or in any other manner.

  • Single tomogram system means a CT x-ray system which obtains x-ray transmission data during a scan to produce a single tomogram.

  • Operating Software means those routines, whether or not identified as Program Products, that reside in the Equipment and are required for the Equipment to perform its intended function(s), and which interface the operator, other Contractor-supplied programs, and user programs to the Equipment.

  • Fire alarm system means a system designed to detect and annunciate the presence of fire, or by-products of fire. Fire alarm system includes smoke detectors.

  • operating site means a site, other than an aerodrome, selected by the operator or pilot-in-command or commander for landing, take-off and/or external load operations;

  • Operating Margin Customer means a Control Area purchasing Operating Margin pursuant to an agreement between such other Control Area and the LLC.

  • The Works/Project means the works to be executed or done under this contract.

  • Operating pressure means the pressure at which the parts of an irrigation system are designed by the manufacturer to operate.

  • Operating Envelope means the limits on the Company's approved operations set out in Conditions 2.3 to 2.7 of this

  • Virtual Machine means a software container that can run its own operating system and execute applications like a physical machine.

  • Operating or "Operation" means to provide (or the provision of) all the operation, engineering, purchasing, repair, supervision, training, inspection, testing, protection, use, management, improvement, replacement, refurbishment, retirement, and maintenance activities associated with operating the Generating Facility in accordance with Prudent Electrical Practices.

  • Rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage System (REESS) means the rechargeable energy storage system that provides electric energy for electrical propulsion.

  • Operating Area means those areas on-shore in India in which company or its affiliated company may from time to time be entitled to execute such services/operations.

  • Electrical equipment means underground equipment that contains dielectric fluid that is necessary for the operation of equipment such as transformers and buried electrical cable.

  • Single Phase Aerosol Air Freshener means an aerosol air freshener with the liquid contents in a single homogeneous phase and which does not require that the product container be shaken before use.

  • ticket machine means an apparatus of a type and design approved by the appropriate Minister for the purpose of this Order, being apparatus designed to indicate the time by a clock and to issue Parking Tickets or Vouchers each of which permits the parking of a vehicle in the Parking Place for the period specified thereon;

  • Satellite means any satellite owned by the Issuer or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries and any satellite purchased by the Issuer or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries pursuant to the terms of a Satellite Purchase Agreement, whether such satellite is in the process of manufacture, has been delivered for launch or is in orbit (whether or not in operational service).

  • Basic Comprehensive User Guide means the Ministry document titled Basic Comprehensive Certificates of Approval (Air) User Guide” dated April 2004 as amended.

  • generating plant means the generating facility described in Schedule 1 as amended from time to time;

  • Drainage system means one or more artificial ditches, tile drains or similar devices which collect surface runoff or groundwater and convey it to a point of discharge.