Offering Jurisdictions definition

Offering Jurisdictions means the United States and the Qualifying Jurisdictions;
Offering Jurisdictions means British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.
Offering Jurisdictions means, collectively, the provinces and territories of Canada;

Examples of Offering Jurisdictions in a sentence

  • Each delivery of the Prospectuses or any Supplementary Material will have constituted and will constitute the Company’s consent to the use of the Prospectuses and any Supplementary Material by the Underwriters for the distribution of the Offered Securities in the Offering Jurisdictions in compliance with the provisions of this Underwriting Agreement.

  • The Company will similarly cause to be delivered to the Underwriters, in such cities in the Offering Jurisdictions as the Underwriters may reasonably request commercial copies of any Supplementary Material required or intended to be delivered to purchasers or prospective purchasers of the Offered Securities.

More Definitions of Offering Jurisdictions

Offering Jurisdictions means the United States and the Canadian Qualifying Jurisdictions;
Offering Jurisdictions means collectively the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, the United States and such other jurisdictions as may be agreed to by the Corporation;
Offering Jurisdictions has the meaning ascribed thereto in the third paragraph of this Agreement;
Offering Jurisdictions means each of the provinces of Canada;
Offering Jurisdictions means the offering of the Offered Bonds to residents of all Provinces and Territories in Canada except Quebec.
Offering Jurisdictions means the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.