Offering Jurisdictions definition

Offering Jurisdictions means the United States and the Qualifying Jurisdictions;
Offering Jurisdictions means British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.
Offering Jurisdictions means, collectively, the provinces and territories of Canada;

Examples of Offering Jurisdictions in a sentence

  • During the period of distribution of the Shares by or through the Underwriters, the Underwriters will offer and sell Shares to the public only in the Offering Jurisdictions or where they may lawfully be offered for sale or sold, at an offering price not exceeding the offering price set forth on the cover page of the Canadian Final Prospectus.

  • Offering Jurisdictions: Private placement to “accredited investors” in the United States pursuant to Regulation D under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “US Securities Act”) or in such other manner as to not require registration under the U.S. Securities Act, and jurisdictions other than the United States, provided that the Company is not required to file a prospectus or other disclosure document or become subject to continuing reporting obligations in such other jurisdictions.

  • Forthwith after the Closing the Corporation shall file such forms and documents as may be required under the Securities Laws of the Offering Jurisdictions relating to the offering of the Purchased Securities which, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall include a Form 45-106F1 as prescribed by NI 45-106.

  • The Underwriters shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit offers to purchase or sell the Offered Shares or deliver any Offering Documents so as to require registration of the Offered Shares or filing of a prospectus or registration statement with respect to the Offered Shares or compliance by the Company with regulatory requirements (including any continuous disclosure obligations or similar reporting obligations) under the laws of any jurisdiction other than the Offering Jurisdictions.

  • The Corporation will cooperate with the Underwriters in connection with the qualification of the Shares for offering and sale under the Applicable Securities Laws of the Offering Jurisdictions.

More Definitions of Offering Jurisdictions

Offering Jurisdictions means collectively all of the provinces of Canada, the United States and such other overseas jurisdictions as may be agreed to by the Corporation;
Offering Jurisdictions means, collectively, each of the provinces of Canada;
Offering Jurisdictions means the United States and the Canadian Qualifying Jurisdictions;
Offering Jurisdictions means collectively all the provinces of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and certain offshore jurisdictions where the Offered Securities are offered to prospective purchasers;
Offering Jurisdictions means the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, the United States, jurisdictions outside of North America and such other jurisdictions in Canada and outside Canada as may be mutually agreed upon by the Agent and the Corporation;
Offering Jurisdictions means British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.
Offering Jurisdictions has the meaning ascribed thereto in the opening paragraphs of this Agreement;