Qualifying Provinces definition

Qualifying Provinces means, collectively, all of the provinces of Canada except Québec.
Qualifying Provinces means each of the provinces of Canada;

Examples of Qualifying Provinces in a sentence

  • The Company understands that the Agents or their affiliates will offer the Securities for sale on a best efforts basis, on behalf of the Company, in the Qualifying Provinces.

  • The Company, during the period when the U.S. Prospectus is required to be delivered under the 1933 Act or the 1934 Act, will file all documents required to be filed by the Company with (i) the Commission pursuant to the 1934 Act within the time periods required by the 1934 Act and the 1934 Act Regulations, and (ii) the Qualifying Authorities under the applicable securities laws of the Qualifying Provinces.

  • Such deliveries shall constitute the consent of the Corporation to the Underwriter's use of the Preliminary Prospectuses and Final Prospectuses in connection with the distribution of the Underwritten Shares in the Qualifying Provinces and in the United States in compliance with the provisions of this Agreement and Applicable Securities Laws.

  • The Corporation is not in default in any material respect of the requirements of Canadian Securities Laws and the Corporation is not included on a list of defaulting reporting issuers maintained by any of the securities commissions or similar regulatory authorities in each of such Qualifying Provinces.

  • The Canadian Preliminary Supplement when filed complied, and the Canadian Final Supplement when filed will comply in all material respects, with the securities laws applicable in the Qualifying Provinces, including the Shelf Procedures, as interpreted and applied by the Qualifying Authorities.

More Definitions of Qualifying Provinces

Qualifying Provinces means each of the provinces of Canada other than Quebec;
Qualifying Provinces means, collectively, all the Provinces of Canada, except Québec.
Qualifying Provinces means the provinces of Canada in which the Corporation has filed a Canadian preliminary short form prospectus and a (final) short form prospectus in respect to the Securities to be sold by the Canadian Underwriters in Canada;
Qualifying Provinces means all of the provinces of Canada;
Qualifying Provinces means, collectively, the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario;
Qualifying Provinces means the province of British Columbia and certain offshore jurisdictions outside of Canada and the United States "Qualifying Province" means, as the context requires, any one of the Qualifying Provinces;
Qualifying Provinces means all provinces of Canada, other than the Province of Quebec;