Multigame definition

Multigame means a combination of at least two or more approved types of games, including
Multigame means a combination of at least two or more approved types of games, including bingo, poker, keno, or video line games, within the same video gambling machine cabinet if the video gambling machine cabinet has been approved by the department.
Multigame means more than one game type offered by the gaming software on a single GD;

Examples of Multigame in a sentence

  • Multi-game means gaming software that offers more than one game on a single LPM.

  • Multi-game punch cards are only accepted at home games where the pass was purchased.

  • Multi-game device means a gaming device that includes more than one type of game.

  • Effective 11/30/14 30-1234 Multi-game and multi-denomination slot machines.‌ (1) A multi-game slot machine is a single gaming device with more than one displayable and playable game program.

  • Her solutions include 99-year leases that she claims will result in the ‘burgeoning of private land use’ and the dismantling of the ‘pernicious permit system’.31Hughes often makes sweeping generalisations in her work, as evidenced by her failure to distinguish between native title and land rights regimes.

  • Multigame" means a combination of at least two or more approved types of games, including bingo, poker, keno, or video line games, within the same video gambling machine cabinet if the video gambling machine cabinet has been approved by the department.

  • On the Closing Date (as such capitalized terms is defined in section 8.1), in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and applicable law, the Investors will contribute, assign, transfer and convey to EMGL, and EMGL will acquire and receive from the Investors, the Multigame Equity Interest, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances of any kind whatsoever (the "Exchange Transaction").

  • Multi-game meters (for gaming machines operating multi-game software sets).

  • These tickets will be set- up as a fee-waiver eligible item.• Multi-game passes will be available to be purchased by all families.

  • Multi-game subscription services (including cloud gaming services, to the extent these are distributed through multi-game subscription services).265 Merger Assessment Guidelines, March 2021, paragraph 7.21.266 Based on the shares of supply in multi-game subscription services submitted by the Parties, Microsoft’s share of supply in 2021 was [30-40]% worldwide, and more than [50-60]% in the UK across all platforms.

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Multigame means a combination of at least two or more approved bingo, poker, keno, or video line

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