Multigame definition

Multigame means a combination of at least two or more approved types of games, including
Multigame means a combination of at least two or more approved bingo, poker, keno, or video line
Multigame means a combination of at least two or more approved types of games, including bingo, poker, keno, or video line games, within the same video gambling machine cabinet if the video gambling machine cabinet has been approved by the department.

Examples of Multigame in a sentence

  • Multi-game device means a gaming device that includes more than one type of game.

  • Multigame" means a combination of at least two or more approved types of games, including bingo, poker, keno, or video line games, within the same video gambling machine cabinet if the video gambling machine cabinet has been approved by the department.

  • Medical documentation from the beneficiary’s PCP, APRN or ordering physician which included a detailed face-to-face medical examination must be submitted to establish medical necessity.

  • Multi-game means gaming software that offers more than one game on a single LPM.

  • Progressive pay tables: Progressive: DJWP-1HandPaysFive Wilds100%Natural Royal Flush10%Wild Royal Flush200 for 1Five-of-a-Kind150 for 1Straight Flush50 for 1Four-of-a-Kind10 for 1Full House9 for 1Flush8 for 1Straight5 for 1 Multi-game Link Progressive: Full House50 for 1Flush40 for 1Straight30 for 1Three-of-a-Kind9 for 1 (30-1017.58, renumbered as 30-1099.45, effective 12/15/17) 30-1099.46 The play – 2 Card Poker.

  • Effective 11/30/14 47.1-1234 Multi-game and multi-denomination slot machines.

  • Effective 11/30/1447.1-1234 Multi-game and multi-denomination slot machines.

  • This requirement would not apply to a person: 1) who is a former resident of Forest Haven; 2) whose needs cannot reasonably be met by a District Medicaid provider; 3)who is eligible for enrollment in the D.C. Healthcare Alliance; or 4) who lost Medicaid eligibility due to a failure by their representative payee, who for the purposes of Social Security benefits is either the Department of Disability Services (DDS) or a provider agency who is contracted with the District to provide supports and services.

  • Effective 11/30/14 30-1234 Multi-game and multi-denomination slot machines.

  • Multi-game punch cards are only accepted at home games where the pass was purchased.

More Definitions of Multigame

Multigame means more than one game type offered by the gaming software on a single GD;

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