Minorities definition

Minorities means minority persons as defined in the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act.
Minorities means persons who are:
Minorities means persons whose race or ethnic group is either:

Examples of Minorities in a sentence

  • The report of the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities, headed by former Chief Justice of India Rangnath Mishra has recommended 10 per cent reservation for Muslims and five per cent for other minorities in government jobs and favoured Scheduled Caste status for Dalits in all religions.

  • Minorities and Women Developing, training and upgrading of minorities and women toward journeyman level status is a primary objective of this special training provision.

  • The Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females and Persons with Disabilities Act (BEP) establishes a goal for community colleges contracting with businesses that have been certified as owned and controlled by persons who are minorities (MBE), female (FBE/ also referred to as WBE), or persons with disabilities (PDBE) (collectively, BEP certified vendor(s)).

  • This Special Provision will also be used by the Department to satisfy the requirements of the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Act, 30 ILCS 575.

  • By submission of a bid in response to this solicitation, the Bidder agrees with all of the terms and conditions of Attachment E Appendix A including Clause 12 - Equal Employment Opportunities for Minorities and Women.

More Definitions of Minorities

Minorities or “Minority” means person or persons who is included in any of the following racial and ethnic categories:
Minorities means a category of people differentiated from the social majority in a particular Member County;
Minorities means persons who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States and who:
Minorities means minority persons as defined in the
Minorities means American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino American and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.‌ The Census tables in Appendix E provide information on the distribution of minorities by age. Approximately 21 percent or 134,531 Nevadans age 55 and older are classified as minorities. Of the 407 seniors served by SCSEP grantees by the end of June 30, 2015, approximately 217 or 53 percent of participants were classified as minorities.‌ Limited English Proficiency‌
Minorities means persons who are citizens or lawful permanent
Minorities means the shareholders of the company other than the purchaser, JCI and the seller;