Volunteers definition

Volunteers means GM or non-GM Canola plants, which have not been intentionally grown.
Volunteers means GM or non-GM Wheat plants which have not been intentionally grown.
Volunteers means persons who come to the center less than once a week and are not counted toward the required number of staff.

Examples of Volunteers in a sentence

  • Allegations regarding Person(s) Working in or on behalf of School (including Volunteers) As per the guidance in Part 4 of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022, our school recognises two levels of concerns:1.

  • Volunteers working with offenders provide intensive interaction and monitoring by meeting with the youth and family in the home on a regular basis, meeting with school officials, medical and mental health professionals, probation or agencies working with legal requirements or anyone who can provide information regarding how the youth is doing.

  • Volunteers - All families in the affected class will be notified and given the option of volunteering to have their child redirected.

  • Employees and, if applicable, Volunteers must be included as Additional Insured.

  • Volunteers: Any volunteers performing duties on campus with students must show proof of vaccination or submit to a rapid test when arriving on campus.

More Definitions of Volunteers

Volunteers means members of volunteer military
Volunteers means members of the public, clients from other Salvation Army ministries, or student placements who volunteer their time in various capacities which are supernumerary to the work being done by employees. Volunteers shall not be considered employees for the purposes of this Collective Agreement.
Volunteers means persons who donate their time and effort to enhance the activities of the program. They are selected on the basis of their skills or personal qualities to provide services in areas such as recreation, counseling, education, or religious activities.
Volunteers means volunteers engaged by OEBC
Volunteers means unpaid individuals who provide care or services for the residents.
Volunteers means individuals performing for and on behalf of the LOC, on a free of charge basis (except for the compensation of expenditures), certain supportive functions in relation to the Competitions, which are primarily (but not exclusively) be nationals from the Host Country. ANNEXE 2