Medical stabilization definition

Medical stabilization means a return to a state of constant and steady function. It is commonly used to mean the patient is adequately supported to prevent further deterio- ration.))
Medical stabilization means that no further improvement in the injured employee's work-related condition can reasonably be expected from curative health care or the passage of time. Medical stabilization is also deemed to have occurred when the injured employee refuses to undergo further diagnostic tests or treatment which the health care provider believes will greatly aid in the employee's recovery.
Medical stabilization means a return to a state of constant and steady function. It is commonly used to mean

Examples of Medical stabilization in a sentence

  • Medical stabilization is covered under inpatient hospital services in the “Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility Services” section.

  • Medical stabilization language exists in other regulations as well.

  • Costs would be £920 for the defibrillator and £380 for the secure external cabinet.

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  • The government shall have the priority right to purchase the object of archaeological interest.

  • Medical stabilization – replacing essential medications (blood pressure, seizure, diabetes, psychotropic, etc.).

  • Primary health care Prenatal care (see attached guidelines) Medical stabilization Family planning Dental care Smoking cessation Breastfeeding Health education Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Each mother will create a alcohol/drug-free lifestyle during treatment and exit residential treatment into a life setting that supports a drug-free life.

  • Medical stabilization - Replacing such essential medications as blood pressure, seizure, diabetes, psychotropic, et cetera.

  • Medical stabilization benefit to the maximum stated in the schedule of benefits in the event of a lifesaving Acute/Sudden and Unforeseen recurrence of a pre-existing condition.

  • Medical stabilization benefit to the maximum stated in the Description of Coverage in the event of a lifesaving Acute/Sudden and Unforeseen recurrence of a pre-existing condition.

Related to Medical stabilization

  • Crisis stabilization means emergency, psychiatric, and substance abuse services for the resolution of crisis situations and may include placement of an individual in a protective environment, basic supportive care, and medical assessment, and, if needed, referral to an ODMHSAS certified facility having nursing and medical support available.

  • Final Stabilization means that all soil disturbing activities at the site have been complete, and that a uniform perennial vegetative cover with a density of 70% of the cover for unpaved areas and areas not covered by permanent structures has been established or equivalent permanent stabilization measures (such as the use of riprap, gabions, or geotextiles) have been employed.

  • Stabilization means providing adequate measures, vegetative and/or structural, that will prevent erosion from occurring.

  • Crisis stabilization unit means a short-term facility or a

  • Medical Staff means those Physicians who are appointed by the Board and who are granted privileges to practice medicine in the Hospital;

  • Post-Stabilization Care means Services you receive for the acute episode of your Emergency Medical Condition after that condition is Clinically Stable. (“Clinically Stable” means that no material deterioration of the Emergency Medical Condition is likely, within reasonable medical probability, to result from or occur during your discharge or transfer from the hospital).

  • Post Stabilization Services means covered services related to an emergency medical or behavioral health condition provided after the condition is stabilized.

  • Medical Specialist means any medical practitioner who is vocationally registered by the Medical Council under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 in one of the approved branches of medicine and who is employed in either that branch of medicine or in a similar capacity with minimal oversight.

  • Medical evaluation means the process of assessing an individual's health status that includes a medical history and a physical examination of an individual conducted by a licensed medical practitioner operating within the scope of his license.

  • Stability means structural stability.

  • Mobilization means establishment of sufficiently adequate infrastructure by the CONTRACTOR at "SITE" comprising of construction equipments, aids, tools tackles including setting of site offices with facilities such as power, water, communication etc. establishing manpower organisation comprising of Resident Engineers, Supervising personnel and an adequate strength of skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers, who with the so established infrastructure shall be in a position to commence execution of work at site(s), in accordance with the agreed Time Schedule of Completion of Work. "MOBILISATION" shall be considered to have been achieved, if the CONTRACTOR is able to establish infrastructure as per Time Schedule, where so warranted in accordance with agreed schedule of work implementation to the satisfaction of ENGINEER-IN-CHARGE/ EMPLOYER.

  • Stabilize means to provide medical treatment of the condition as may be necessary to assure, with reasonable medical probability, that no material deterioration of the condition is likely to result from or occur during the transfer of the individual from a facility, or, with respect to a pregnant woman who is having contractions, when there is inadequate time to safely transfer her to another hospital before delivery (or the transfer may pose a threat to the health or safety of the woman or un- born child), “Stabilize” means to deliver (includ- ing the placenta).

  • Sterilization means the procedure that kills all microorganisms, including their spores.

  • Outdoor cultivation means the cultivation of mature cannabis without the use of artificial lighting or light deprivation in the canopy area at any point in time. Artificial lighting is permissible only to maintain immature plants outside the canopy area.

  • Medical cannabis means the same as that term is defined in Section 26-61a-102.

  • Outreach means the Outreach to potential Consumers to link them to appropriate Mental 5 Health Services and may include activities that involve educating the community about the services 6 offered and requirements for participation in the programs. Such activities should result in the 7 CONTRACTOR developing their own Consumer referral sources for the programs they offer.

  • Fertilization means the fusion of a human spermatozoon with a human ovum.