Mechanical assistance definition

Mechanical assistance means the use of any assistive device that aids in the mobility and transfer of the resident. Assistive devices include but are not limited to, braces, walkers, canes, crutches, wheelchairs and similar devices.
Mechanical assistance means the use of any assertive device that aids in the mobility and transfer of the resident. Assertive devices include but are not limited to, braces, walkers, canes, crutches, wheelchairs and similar devices.

Examples of Mechanical assistance in a sentence

  • Mechanical assistance at fixed locations on the course is limited to wheel changes only except for races on a circuit where bike changes can be made in the authorized zones.

  • Mechanical assistance, such as the use of a sack truck, may reduce but not eliminate manual handling since effort will still be required to move, steady or position a load.Manual handling does, therefore, cover all aspects of the physical effort involved in the lifting, pushing and pulling of loads.

  • Mechanical assistance may be needed for insertion on larger sizes.

  • It is also permissible to fit two spacers. It is not permissible to modify any other component to facilitate fitment and it must not protrude beyond the bodywork of the car. Mechanical assistance to induction is permitted, using the standard take off points (brake duct spigots and Dyane induction spigot).

  • Mechanical assistance towards cable laying, opening of side/ceiling panels/flooring, hot-works, conduit laying, etc will be arranged by DCI as per requirement of the installation engineer.Note: Any deviation to above specifications are liable for rejection.

  • The blocks of time where the two-interval time decode is near chance level (50%) are consistent with constant firing patterns - fixed points of the neural dynamics; if the neural activity at all timepoints is similar it will not be possible to discriminate between different time intervals, and hence decode the passage of time.

  • A critical definitional issue concerns whether to count as disabled only persons "receiving active human assistance" or whether to include persons who rely on "special equipment or mechanical aids" and persons requiring only "supervision or stand-by assistance." Mechanical assistance can include such devices as grab bars on special beds to facilitate transferring.

  • Mechanical assistance of coronary circulation in the ischemic heart with a newly devised technique.

  • Mechanical assistance by the TRAILMASTERS Support Team will be limited to assisting in the recovery of the client vehicle to the nearest point of assistance, major town or garage.

  • Mechanical ventilation/respiration: Mechanical assistance for respiration via a ventilator that is connected to an endotracheal tube.

Related to Mechanical assistance

  • technical assistance means any technical support related to repairs, development, manufacture, assembly, testing, maintenance, or any other technical service, and may take forms such as instruction, advice, training, transmission of working knowledge or skills or consulting services; including verbal forms of assistance;

  • Medical assistance means medical assistance as established under title XIX of the social security act, 42 USC 1396 to 1396w-5.

  • Medical assistant means an unlicensed person who meets the

  • Legal assistance means provision of legal advice, counseling and representation by an attorney or other person acting under the supervision of an attorney.

  • Medical Assistance Program means the medical assistance provided pursuant to Chapter 319v of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) and authorized by Title XIX of the Social Security Act. The program is also referred to as Medicaid.

  • General Assistance means a service in which the End User dialing - 0 asks the OS operator for assistance. The operator will respond in accordance with OS methods and practices that are in effect at the time the End User makes an OS call where available and technically feasible.

  • Personal assistance services means a range of services including, among other things, training in managing, supervising, and directing personal assistance services, provided by one or more persons, that are designed to assist an individual with a disability to perform daily living activities on or off the job that the individual would typically perform without assistance if the individual did not have a disability. The services are also designed to increase the individual's control in life and ability to perform everyday activities on or off the job; necessary to the achievement of an employment outcome; and provided only while the individual is receiving other vocational rehabilitation services.

  • Rental Assistance or “Subsidy” means Gross Rent minus the sum of the utility allowance and the Eligible Household’s payment of 30% of their monthly net income.

  • Cash assistance means cash benefits provided under the family independence program, the refugee assistance program, or state disability assistance.

  • Energy assistance means benefits to assist low-income households with their home heating and

  • Directory assistance means an ancillary service of providing:

  • Substantial Assistance means stand-by assistance by another person without which you would not be able to safely and completely perform the ADL.

  • occasional assistance means any payment or provision made by a local authority, the Welsh Ministers or the Scottish Ministers for the purposes of—

  • Directory Assistance Lists shall have the meaning set forth in Section

  • Dental assistant means any person who, under the supervision of a dentist, performs any extraoral services including infection control or the use of hazardous materials or performs any intraoral services on patients. The term “dental assistant” does not include persons otherwise actively licensed in Iowa to practice dental hygiene or nursing who are engaged in the practice of said profession.

  • Federal Assistance means a type of federal funding that the Recipient receives through the Underlying Agreement.

  • Directory Assistance Database shall have the meaning set forth in Sections,, and

  • Medication assistance means assistance rendered by a

  • Directory Assistance Service includes, but is not limited to, making available to callers, upon request, information contained in the Directory Assistance Database. Directory Assistance Service includes, where available, the option to complete the call at the caller's direction. "Directory Listings" or "Listings" are any information identifying the listed names of subscribers of a Telecommunications Carrier or Provider, as applicable, and such subscribers' telephone numbers, addresses, or primary advertising classifications (as such classifications are assigned at the time of the establishment of such service), or any combination of such listed names, numbers, addresses or classifications: (1) that the Telecommunications Carrier and/or Provider provides or uses for the purpose of publishing the Listings in any directory format; or (2) that the Telecommunications Carrier and/or Provider provides or uses in Directory Assistance Service, Directory Assistance List Service, or for other lawful purposes.

  • Personal assistant means a licensed or unlicensed person

  • Radiologist assistant means an individual who has met the requirements of the Board for licensure

  • Occupational therapy assistant means an individual who has met the requirements of the Board for

  • Enclosure means the part enclosing the internal units and providing protection against any direct contact.

  • Public assistance means Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); auxiliary grants to the

  • Financial Assistance Agreement means the Financial Assistance Agreement by and between the State of Wisconsin by the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Administration and the Municipality pursuant to which the Bonds are to be issued and sold to the State, substantially in the form attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference;

  • Housing assistance means appropriate referrals by the