Locked Box Date definition

Locked Box Date means 31 December 2015;
Locked Box Date means 30 June 2017;
Locked Box Date means December 31, 2020.

Examples of Locked Box Date in a sentence

VHA must prepare and provide to TPG a statement in the form agreed between TPG and VHA and related work papers setting out, as at the Locked Box Date, the Locked Box Working Capital, Locked Box Net Debt and the Adjustment Amount in respect of the VHA Group,(each, a Locked Box Statement).

The Buyer shall be entitled to receive all dividends and distributions or any return of capital declared and/or paid on or after: (i) the Locked Box Date by MN in respect of the MN Sale Shares (including any interest thereon in accordance with Clause 3.3), and (ii) the Completion Date by S1hhat in respect of the S1hhat Sale Shares.

The consideration will be subject to customary adjustment for any leakage (excluding permitted leakage) from the Target Group to the Continuing Group after the Locked Box Date.

Vendor is not authorized to make any statements, representations, warranties or guarantees on behalf of BSLI.

VHA Target Net Debt a liability of $1,944,000,000 plus, if the Locked Box Date is on orafter 31 January 2019, $79,946,000 (to the extent that amount has been paid on or before the Locked Box Date in accordance with the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Licence Allocation – 700 MHz Band) Determination 2016)), or as otherwise agreed between TPG and VHA.

More Definitions of Locked Box Date

Locked Box Date means 30 September 2015;
Locked Box Date means 31 March 2018;
Locked Box Date means March 31, 2015.
Locked Box Date means 31 October 2013;
Locked Box Date means 30 September 2014;
Locked Box Date means June 30, 2018.
Locked Box Date means July 5, 2021.