Facility Account definition

Facility Account means the account numbered 1109495 maintained by Seller in the name of “PDC Funding Company, LLC” at JPMorgan, together with any successor account or sub-account.
Facility Account means Dairy Group’s Account No. 2000013850892 at Wachovia Bank, National Association (formerly known as First Union National Bank), ABA No. 053000219.
Facility Account means the Seller's Account No. 55-66681 at First Chicago.

Examples of Facility Account in a sentence

Where ICBC's liability for a breach of warranty implied by law cannot be excluded, to the maximum extent allowed by the law and at ICBC's option, ICBC's liability is limited to:  the re-supply of the information or services to the Customer (including the correction of any errors in the Customer's Facility Account); or  the payment of the cost of having the information or services re-supplied to the Customer.

The Customer is liable for all transactions made on their Facility Account, whether they are authorised by the Customer or not.

ICBC may offer the Customer access to a Facility Account by using the following access methods (―Access Methods"):  Cheque;  Electronic Instructions; and  E-Banking Services (via the Internet, mobile, telephone or other electronic network or devices as advised by ICBC).

Even if the Customer has directed that a cheque be cancelled or stopped, it may still be debited to the Facility Account.

To stop payment on a cheque, the Customer must give ICBC the following information:  the Facility Account number;  the cheque number;  the cheque amount;  who the cheque is payable to; and  the reason for stopping the cheque.

More Definitions of Facility Account

Facility Account means Borrower’s account no. 8800849666 at SunTrust Bank.
Facility Account means the account in the name of the Seller at Wells Fargo Bank in Dallas, Texas designated on Schedule D hereof as the “Facility Account” or such other account designated in writing by the Seller or the Servicer and the Administrative Agent as being the “Facility Account.”
Facility Account means the Seller’s account no. 4968809798 at Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., ABA #121000248, Account Name: Nabors A.R.F., LLC, or such other account as may be designated by the Seller from time to time in a writing delivered to the Administrative Agent and each Purchaser.
Facility Account the Members Loan Account, Account Number Facility Amount: or such other sum as may be varied in accordance with this Agreement. Facility Term: 5 years from the Commencement Date. Fees: means those fees payable by the Member to the Credit Union to cover the costs incurred by the Credit Union in connection with the Facility and this Agreement. Interest: means interest at the Annual Interest Rate payable to the Credit Union in respect of this Agreement as varied from time to time.
Facility Account means Seller’s Account No.1000231372 at Johnson Bank, Racine, Wisconsin.
Facility Account means, as the context requires, all or any one of the Collection Accounts or the Seller Operating Accounts.
Facility Account means the account numbered 7024149366 maintained by Seller in the name of “PDC Funding Company II, LLC” at FTB, together with any successor account or sub-account.