Loan Transfer Date definition

Loan Transfer Date means, in relation to a Loan Transfer between Borrowers, the last day of the Interest Period of that Loan as specified in the Loan Transfer Agreement.
Loan Transfer Date means the date on which any In-Process Mortgage Loan is transferred to Buyer pursuant to Section 2.1(b).
Loan Transfer Date means each date on which the Purchaser (with legal title to the Student Loans to be held by the Purchaser Lender Trustee, acting on behalf of the Purchaser) purchases Student Loans from the Seller, as described in Section 2 hereof.

Examples of Loan Transfer Date in a sentence

  • Pursuant to the Jiangmen Equity and Loan Transfer Agreement, the accrued interest on the Outstanding Shareholder’s Loan up to the Sale Loan Transfer Date shall be paid by Jiangmen Yuehai to Yuegang Investment on the Sale Loan Transfer Date.

  • Upon receipt by E-LOAN of the portion of the Purchase Price representing the principal balance of the Loan ("Transfer Date"), the Loan, and all rights, benefits, payments, proceeds and obligations arising from or in connection with the Loan, together with any lien or security interest in the vehicle serving as collateral for the Loan, shall vest in Correspondent.

  • If the Depositor or its designee makes such examination prior to the Closing Date and each Pre-Funded Loan Transfer Date, as applicable, and identifies any Mortgage Loans that do not conform to the requirements of the Depositor as described in this Agreement, such Mortgage Loans shall be deleted from the Schedule of Mortgage Loans.

  • On each Additional Mortgage Loan Transfer Date, the Owner shall appoint the Special Servicer to perform, and the Special Servicer shall assume and accept such appointment for, all standby servicing responsibilities for the related Additional Mortgage Loans on the related Mortgage Loan Schedule.

  • Following the expiration of the initial term, this Agreement shall automatically renew for successive one-year terms until such time that this Agreement is terminated by either Party upon giving the other Party six (6) months’ written notice of termination.

  • The decision to adopt a sound development plan is not an opportunity to re-consider the arguments presented at examination for individual sites.

  • Furthermore, within 5 Business Days from the date of the Jiangmen Acquisition Completion, namely the Sale Loan Transfer Date, the Sale Loan Consideration of RMB306,000,000 (equivalent to approximately HK$352,616,000) shall be payable and settled by the Purchaser to Yuegang Investment.

  • I [Plaintiff] receive a fully executed copy of a Modification agreement.

  • On the other hand, the Loan Amount is equivalent to the total amount of debt owing by Nanhai Yuexiu to GCCD as at the Loan Transfer Date.

  • This Addendum shall have no effect upon any other sale, purchase of any Student Loans or related property consummated or contemplated prior to or after the Loan Transfer Date, and all other terms, conditions and agreements contained in the Private Student Loan Purchase Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

Related to Loan Transfer Date

  • the transfer date means 1 September 1989;

  • Risk Transfer Date means the date when the risk of loss or damage to the Works passes from the Contractor to the Employer in accordance with sub Clauses 38.2 and 39.1.

  • Whole Loan Transfer Any sale or transfer of some or all of the Mortgage Loans, other than a Securitization Transaction.

  • Servicing Transfer Date The date on which a Servicing Transfer occurs.

  • Transfer Date means, in relation to a transfer, the later of:

  • Reais Transfer Date means each Business Day of each calendar month following a Business Day when, as of the Balance Transfer Time for the Bond Administrator, there are available funds in the Collections Account for allocation in accordance with the Indenture.

  • Service Transfer Date means the date of a Service Transfer;

  • Initial Transfer Date means the Series Issuance Date for the first Series of Transition Bonds.

  • Employee Transfer Date means in respect of any particular Transferring Employee the date on which the part of the Services to which they are assigned transfers from the Previous Contractor to the Contractor;

  • Relevant Transfer Date means, in relation to a Relevant Transfer, the date upon which the Relevant Transfer takes place;

  • Subsequent Transfer Date With respect to each Subsequent Transfer Instrument, the date on which the related Subsequent Mortgage Loans are sold to the Trust Fund.

  • Subsequent Mortgage Loan Any Mortgage Loan other than an Initial Mortgage Loan conveyed to the Trust Fund pursuant to Section 2.01 hereof and to a Subsequent Transfer Agreement, which Mortgage Loan shall be listed on the revised Mortgage Loan Schedule delivered pursuant to this Agreement and on Schedule A to such Subsequent Transfer Agreement. When used with respect to a single Subsequent Transfer Date, Subsequent Mortgage Loan shall mean a Subsequent Mortgage Loan conveyed to the Trust on that Subsequent Transfer Date.

  • transfer day means the gas day commencing at the transfer time.

  • Subsequent Mortgage Loans means, for purposes of this Agreement, the Subsequent Mortgage Loans listed in the Subsequent Mortgage Loan Schedule attached hereto as Schedule I.

  • Original Mortgage Loan The Mortgage Loan refinanced in connection with the origination of a Refinance Loan.

  • Class P Mortgage Loan Any of the Class I-P, Class II-P or Class III-P Mortgage Loans.

  • Buy-Down Mortgage Loan Any Mortgage Loan in respect of which, pursuant to a Buy-Down Agreement, the monthly interest payments made by the related Mortgagor will be less than the scheduled monthly interest payments on such Mortgage Loan, with the resulting difference in interest payments being provided from Buy-Down Funds.

  • Servicing Transfer Event means any of the events specified in the Servicing Agreement, whereby the servicing of the Mortgage Loan is required to be transferred to the Special Servicer from the Master Servicer.

  • Original Mortgage Loans The mortgage loans initially identified on Schedule I, including each Non-Trust-Serviced Pooled Mortgage Loan. No Pari Passu Companion Loan is an “Original Mortgage Loan”.

  • Group II Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan assigned to Loan Group II with a Stated Principal Balance at origination that may or may not conform to Xxxxxx Mae and Xxxxxxx Mac loan limits.

  • Day Delinquent Mortgage Loan Each Mortgage Loan with respect to which any portion of a Scheduled Payment is, as of the last day of the prior Due Period, three months or more past due (without giving effect to any grace period), including each Mortgage Loan in foreclosure, all REO Property and each Mortgage Loan for which the Mortgagor has filed for bankruptcy.

  • Group II Mortgage Loans The Mortgage Loans identified on the Mortgage Loan Schedule as Group II Mortgage Loans.

  • Origination Date means, with respect to each Mortgage Loan, the date of the Mortgage Note relating to such Mortgage Loan, unless such information is not provided by the Borrower with respect to such Mortgage Loan, in which case the Origination Date shall be deemed to be the date that is 40 days prior to the date of the first payment under the Mortgage Note relating to such Mortgage Loan.

  • Special Payment Date means each Distribution Date with respect to the Early Amortization Period.

  • Group 4 Mortgage Loan Each Mortgage Loan listed on Exhibit D-4 hereto.

  • Group 2 Mortgage Loan Each Mortgage Loan listed on Exhibit D-2 hereto.