Living plant definition

Living plant. ’ means a plant, plant

Examples of Living plant in a sentence

  • Living plant material which will cover 80 percent of the area to be landscaped within two (2) years.

  • Living plant means a plant, plant organ, or plant part that is alive, via- ble, or dormant.

  • Living plant materials must cover at least seventy-five (75) percent of the landscaped area.

  • Living plant material shall cover at least 50% of this required minimum landscape area.

  • Landscape Material: Living plant material which shall include, but not be limited to, trees, shrubs, flowers, vines, lawn grass and other ground cover; natural features and areas; and nonliving durable material commonly used in landscaping which shall include, but not be limited to, rocks, pebbles, sand, mulch, wood chips, exterior lighting fixtures, planters, fountains, reflecting pools, works of art, walkways, fences, walls, benches and other types of appropriate outdoor furniture.

  • Living plant means a plant, plant organ, or plant part that is alive, viable, or dormant.

  • Living plant materials shall cover a minimum of 70 percent of the required landscape area within 5 years of planting.

  • Living plant m e a n s a pl a n t , pl a n t o r g a n , o r pl a n t p a r t t h a t i s a live, vi a- ble, o r do r m a n t .

  • Living plant materials must cover at least seventy- five (75) percent of the landscaped area.

  • Living plant screens shall not be an acceptable barrier material.

Related to Living plant

  • generating plant means the generating facility described in Schedule 1 as amended from time to time;

  • Living area means the interior habitable area of a dwelling unit, including basements and attics, but does not include a garage or any accessory structure.

  • Processing Plant means plant systems, located on or off the Leased Premises, that include a gas processing plant, natural gasoline plant, gasoline plant, or other plant where raw unprocessed natural gas is processed to remove or extract Raw Mix from the natural gas stream to produce a Pipeline- Quality Natural Gas or Residue Gas and other products, and the Raw Mix is then either (i) separated by fractionation down to its base components prior to storage and/or transport that meets or conforms to all applicable Gas Processors Association (GPA) Standards and/or Specifications for the commercial sale of each liquefiable hydrocarbon product, or (ii) transported to another plant for separation down to its base components by fractionation prior to storage and/or transport for the commercial sale of each liquefiable hydrocarbon product. Any deductions, costs, or processing fees associated with the removal or recovery of Natural Gas Liquids is strictly limited to only that part of any Processing Plant or facility where Raw Mix is recovered, and if applicable at that plant, also fractionated to their component parts.

  • Bulk mixing plant means machinery, appliances or other similar devices that are assembled in such a manner so as to be able to mix materials in bulk for the purposes of using the mixed product for construction work;

  • Cannabis plant means any plant of the genus Cannabis;

  • Living unit means a room, apartment, cottage, or other area within a facility set aside for the exclusive use or control of one or more identified residents.

  • Power Plant means a facility for the generation of

  • Project site, where applicable, means the place indicated in bidding documents.

  • mine site means the mining lease the accommodation area and other areas provided for the facilities of the Company in the vicinity of the mining lease;

  • Plant Site (Works, Factory) means the local integration of one or more plants, with any intermediate administrative levels, which are under one operational control, and includes common infrastructure, such as:

  • Cultivation site means a location where cannabis is planted, grown, harvested, dried, cured, graded, or trimmed, or a location where any combination of those activities occurs.

  • Excavation work means the making of any man-made cavity, trench, pit or depression formed by cutting, digging or scooping;

  • Project Site(s) means the place(s) specified in the SCC for the supply and installation of the System.

  • Invasive plant species means species of plants not historically found in California that spread outside cultivated areas and can damage environmental or economic resources. Invasive species may be regulated by county agricultural agencies as noxious species. Lists of invasive plants are maintained at the California Invasive Plant Inventory and USDA invasive and noxious weeds database.

  • Food processing plant means a commercial operation that manufactures, packages, labels or stores food for human consumption and does not provide food directly to a consumer. “Food processing plant” does not include any of the following:

  • Wastewater treatment plant means a facility designed and constructed to receive, treat, or store waterborne or liquid wastes.

  • The Site, where applicable, means the designated project place(s) named in the bidding document.

  • Bulk gasoline plant means a gasoline storage and distribution facility with an average daily throughput of 20,000 gallons (76,000 liters) of gasoline or less on a 30-day rolling average.

  • Excavation zone means the volume containing the tank system and backfill material bounded by the ground surface, walls, and floor of the pit and trenches into which the UST system is placed at the time of installation.

  • Plant means the machinery and apparatus intended to form or forming part of the Works.

  • Wastewater System means a system of wastewater collection, treatment,

  • Subsurface tracer study means the release of a substance tagged with radioactive material for the purpose of tracing the movement or position of the tagged substance in the well-bore or adjacent formation.

  • The Project Site, where applicable, means the place or places named in the SCC.

  • Aquatic plant means a plant, including the roots, which typically floats on water or requires water for its entire structural support, or which will desiccate outside of water.

  • The Works/Project means the works to be executed or done under this contract.

  • Planned Financed Generation Capacity Resource means a Planned Generation Capacity Resource that, prior to August 7, 2015, has an effective Interconnection Service Agreement and has submitted to the Office of the Interconnection the appropriate certification attesting achievement of Financial Close.