Liquid Capital definition

Liquid Capital means the sum of:
Liquid Capital means any asset in the form of cash or that can be converted into cash quickly with little or no loss in value, including stocks and marketable securities, government bonds, mutual funds, money- market funds, and certificates of deposit.
Liquid Capital means liquid assets deducted by total liabilities;

Examples of Liquid Capital in a sentence

  • No haircut will be allowed against short term portion which is repayable within next 12 months.c. In case of early repayment of loan, adjustment shall be made to the Liquid Capital and revised Liquid Capital statement must be submitted to exchange.

  • The principal assets in Armada Finance LLC were the Liquid Capital of America Corp.

  • Liquid Capital divided by its Total Risk Requirement is equal to or falls below 1.2.

  • The issuer large exposure risk amount for an issuer is subject to two tests, measuring the net position relative to Liquid Capital and relative to the issuer.

  • ASIC will not withhold its approval under subrule (1) if in the opinion of ASIC the Market Participant’s Liquid Capital divided by its Total Risk Requirement is capable of continuing to be greater than 1.2 on redemption.

More Definitions of Liquid Capital

Liquid Capital means the amount by which active assets exceed the sum of
Liquid Capital means capital in the form of certificates of
Liquid Capital means the sum of Current Assets, reduced in accordance with the risk based provision of Section 19, less Gross External Liabilities;
Liquid Capital. ( 速動資金 ) means the amount by which
Liquid Capital means unencumbered cash or investments which can be readily converted to cash such as bank/call deposits, re-purchase agreements with maturity of less than three (3) months, commercial papers which are endorsed or guaranteed by a licensed commercial bank or licensed specialized bank with a term to maturity of less than three (3) months and government issued securities with a term to maturity of one(1) year or less or any other form of instruments as determined by the Commission;
Liquid Capital means equity convertible into cash within 90 days.
Liquid Capital. (速動資金) means the amount by which liquid assets exceeds ranking