INITIAL INVESTMENT COST means $57,073,000.
INITIAL INVESTMENT COST means $4,933,990.15.
INITIAL INVESTMENT COST means $4,066,155.28.

Examples of INITIAL INVESTMENT COST in a sentence

  • Period of contract shall be until successful completion of event and upon completion of all obligations of the bidder.


  • The major breakdown of the total initial investment cost is shown in Table 7.1. Table 7.1SUMMARY OF THE INITIAL INVESTMENT COST (‘000) No.

  • COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS INITIAL INVESTMENT COST In line with government’s decentralization policy of rural water supply which drives on the principle of demand responsive approach, the provision of water in Kariga was demand-driven as community members expressed the desire for potable water.

  • Table i: Sanitation Technology Cost Estimates (US$ 2000) IMPROVEMENT INITIAL INVESTMENT COST PER CAPITA JMP estimates Other Recurrent Costs AFRICA*1 ASIA*1 LA&CN estimatesImproved trad.

  • TOTAL INITIAL INVESTMENT COST The total investment cost of the project including working capital is estimated at N28.774million.

  • Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, April 26th 2011:, within two decades, a center of terrorism, where scores of British youth and others study radical ideals.48• Al-Qaeda made use of mosques and centers in London, Sana'a, Montreal, Karachi, Lyon, Milan and Cairo to recruit activists.49• Abd Al Rahim Muhammad Abduh Al-Nashiri, the Saudi behind the attack on the USS Cole, was in the habit of using injections causing impotence so that he could devote his life to Jihad and not think about women.


INITIAL INVESTMENT COST means $2,621,477.83.
INITIAL INVESTMENT COST means, as of the date of determination, an amount equal to the "Purchase Price" paid by Landlord to the Seller under the terms of the Purchase Agreement.


  • Initial Investment : means the amount that you initially subscribed to invest into the Plan.

  • Initial Invested Amount means the sum of the Class A Initial Invested Amount and the Class B Initial Invested Amount.

  • Collateral Initial Invested Amount means $__________.

  • Development Cost means the total of all costs incurred in the completion of a Development excluding Developer Fee, operating deficit reserves, and total land cost as typically shown in the Development Cost line item on the development cost pro forma.

  • Class B Initial Invested Amount means the sum of the aggregate initial principal amount of the Class B Certificates, which is $48,000,000 on the Closing Date, and the aggregate initial principal amount of any Additional Class B Certificates.

  • Equipment Cost means, for each Unit, the purchase price therefor -------------- paid by the Owner Trustee to the Lessee pursuant to Section 2 of the Participation Agreement and as set forth in Schedule 1 to the Participation Agreement with respect to such Unit. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Operative Agreements, the Equipment Cost for any Replacement Unit shall be deemed to be the Equipment Cost or deemed Equipment Cost of the Unit replaced by such Replacement Unit.

  • full insurable value means one hundred percent (100%) of the actual replacement cost of the Property (excluding foundation and excavation costs and costs of underground flues, pipes, drains and other uninsurable items).

  • Class A Initial Invested Amount means the sum of the aggregate initial principal amount of the Class A Certificates, which is $750,000,000 on the Closing Date, and the aggregate initial principal amount of any Additional Class A Certificates.

  • Replacement Cost means the cost to repair or rebuild the improvements owned by Lessor at the time of the occurrence to their condition existing immediately prior thereto, including demolition, debris removal and upgrading required by the operation of applicable building codes, ordinances or laws, and without deduction for depreciation.

  • Full Replacement Cost as used herein shall mean the actual replacement cost of the Leased Property requiring replacement from time to time including an increased cost of construction endorsement, if available, and the cost of debris removal. In the event either party believes that full replacement cost (the then-replacement cost less such exclusions) has increased or decreased at any time during the Lease Term, it shall have the right to have such full replacement cost re-determined.

  • Patient cost means the cost of a medically necessary health care service that is incurred as a result

  • Direct Cost means a cost not to exceed the cost of labor, material, travel and other expenditures to the extent the costs are directly incurred to provide the relevant assistance or service. “Direct Cost” to the Acquirer for its use of any of a Respondent’s employees’ labor shall not exceed the average hourly wage rate for such employee;

  • Net cost means the Contractor’s actual cost after deducting all permitted cash and trade discounts, rebates, allowances, credits, sales taxes, commissions, and refunds (whether or not any or all of the same shall have been taken by the Contractor) of all parts and materials purchased by the Contractor solely for the use in performing its obligation hereunder provided, where such purchase has received the prior written approval of the Manager as required herein. The Contractor shall promptly furnish to the Manager such bills of sale and other instruments as the Manger may require, executed, acknowledged and delivered, assuring to the Manager title to such materials, supplies, equipment, parts, and tools free of encumbrances.

  • Original Cost means the total amount paid to purchase a security, including any transaction charges related to the purchase;

  • Maximum allowable cost means the maximum amount that a pharmacy benefit manager will reimburse a pharmacy for the cost of a drug.

  • Minimum Investment means an investment in the project of at least two and one‑half million dollars within the investment period. If a county has an average annual unemployment rate of at least twice the state average during the last twenty‑four month period based on data available on the most recent November first, the minimum investment is one million dollars. The department shall designate these reduced investment counties by December thirty‑first of each year using data from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and the United States Department of Commerce. The designations are effective for a sponsor whose fee agreement is signed in the calendar year following the county designation. For all purposes of this chapter, the minimum investment may include amounts expended by a sponsor or sponsor affiliate as a nonresponsible party in a voluntary cleanup contract on the property pursuant to Article 7, Chapter 56, Title 44, the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program, if the Department of Health and Environmental Control certifies completion of the cleanup. If the amounts under the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program equal at least one million dollars, the investment threshold requirement of this chapter is deemed to have been met.

  • Total Development Cost means the total of all costs incurred in the completion of a Development, all of which shall be subject to the review and approval by the Credit Underwriter and the Corporation pursuant to this rule chapter, and as further described in Rule 67-48.0075, F.A.C.

  • Initial Investor Interest means $750,000,000.

  • book cost means the total amount paid to purchase a security, including any transaction charges related to the purchase, adjusted for reinvested distributions, returns of capital and corporate reorganizations;

  • Project Cost means the price payable to Service Provider over the entire period of Agreement (i.e. Rs. <in words>) for the full and proper performance of its contractual obligations.

  • Initial Investors means (A) X.L. Insurance Company, Ltd.; (B) The Trident Partnership, L.P.; (C) Xxxxx & McLennan Risk Capital Holdings, Ltd.; or (D) any majority-owned subsidiary or parent (or equivalent in the case of a non-corporate entity) of the foregoing.

  • Eligible cost means as applied to a qualified project to be financed from the federal accounts, the costs that are permitted under applicable federal laws, requirements, procedures, and guidelines in regard to establishing, operating, and providing assistance from the bank. As applied to a qualified project to be financed from the state highway account, these costs include the costs of preliminary engineering, traffic and revenue studies, environmental studies, right‑of‑way acquisition, legal and financial services associated with the development of the qualified project, construction, construction management, facilities, and other costs necessary for the qualified project. As applied to any qualified project to be financed from the state transit account, eligible project costs are limited to capital expenditures for transit equipment and facilities.

  • Allowable Cost means a cost that complies with all legal requirements that apply to a particular federal education program, including statutes, regulations, guidance, applications, and approved grant awards.

  • FTE Cost means, for any period, the FTE Rate multiplied by the number of FTEs in such period.

  • covered investment means, with respect to a Party, an investment in its territory of an investor of the other Party in existence as of the date of entry into force of this Treaty or established, acquired, or expanded thereafter.

  • Company Contribution Amount means, for any one Plan Year, the amount determined in accordance with Section 3.5.