IDD definition

IDD means International Direct Dialling;
IDD means , as extended pursuant to Section 1.1(b).

Examples of IDD in a sentence

  • One of the aims of these changes is to achieve a better alignment with disclosure requirements in MiFID and IDD.

  • LIDDA must separately report actual expenditures and actual revenues attributable to Mental Health Adult, Mental Health Children, and IDD Programs.

  • Enter ‘1’ if student was ever enrolled in a program for students with IDD at your institution.

  • Prior to amendment, text read as follows: ‘‘The term ‘member of the family’ means—‘‘(A) an individual who bears a relationship to an- other individual which is a relationship described in paragraphs (1) through (8) of section 152(a), and‘‘(B) the spouse of any individual described in sub- paragraph (A).’’1997—Subsec.

  • Enter ‘0’ if student was not enrolled in a program for students with IDD.

More Definitions of IDD

IDD means February 1, 2020.
IDD means the mode of home entertainment distribution by means of non-residential digital download delivery of an electronic file embodying an audio-visual program, pursuant to a transaction initiated by an end user, from a fixed storage apparatus located in a non-residential location to such end user’s portable physical storage device via a localized connection, which such device, when inserted into an associated personal playback hardware system, allows such end user to view such program on an associated video monitor either (i) an unlimited number of times (“Sell-Through IDD”) or (ii) an unlimited number of times during a specified viewing period (“Rental IDD”).
IDD. The Insurance Distribution Directive (effective 1st October 2018) or as amended there- afterwards.
IDD means international direct dialling: a way to phone someone directly in another country using an international phone number.