Housing Stipend definition

Housing Stipend means an amount provided to an employee as a housing allowance granted by the CDOT Executive Director to designated employees living and working in high cost areas with demonstrated recruitment and retention problems.
Housing Stipend means, an amount equal to $25,000 for all Participants other than Regularly Scheduled Support Staff (addressed immediately below), which may be as adjusted by the District as it sees fit; provided; however, in no event shall the Housing Stipend exceed

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  • All full-time students (Czech and international) enrolled in Czech-accredited bachelor’s programs (Business Administration, Communication & Mass Media, International Economic Relations and Psychology) whose primary residence is outside Prague and are under 26 years of age, are eligible for a monthly state Housing Stipend distributed by UNYP.

  • Example of No Missed School Days We can then combine the data into one table for regular school attendance, where the numerator is the number of no responses to the second question: During the last school week, did [NAME] miss any school days for any reason?, and the denominator is the total number of responses to the first question: Is [NAME] currently enrolled in school?Table 8.

  • Constraints(10) and (11) ensure that the vehicle and inventory capacity limits are met, respectively.

  • For academic year 2020-2021 the Housing Stipend for all House Staff covered positions will be six thousand dollars ($6,000).

  • For academic year 2019-2020 the Housing Stipend for all House Staff covered positions will be five thousand, nine hundred dollars ($5,900).

  • Represented House Staff shall be paid the Housing Stipend noted above in two (2) equal payments of 50% of the total academic year amount, with the first half-payment occurring on October 1* of the academic year, and the second half-payment occurring on February 1.

  • GI Bill Housing Stipend 7.1.2 ANNUALIZING EARNED INCOME BASED ON AVERAGE EXPERIENCE The CFHA will use the prior year’s employment experience or income to determine a household’s future income if it informs or clarifies the estimate of income and does not distort the calculation.

  • For academic year 2018-2019 the Housing Stipend will be five thousand, eight hundred dollars ($ 5,800).

  • The University agrees to pay each individual in a represented House Staff covered position a Housing Stipend.

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  • Housing means residential housing including dwellings and other forms of residential accommodation;

  • Housing Unit means a single-family dwelling (where construction has commenced), whether detached or attached (including condominiums but excluding mobile homes), including the parcel of land on which such dwelling is located, that is or will be available for sale by the Borrower or a Guarantor. The construction of a Housing Unit shall be deemed to have commenced upon commencement of the trenching for the foundation of the Housing Unit. Each “Housing Unit” is either a Presold Unit, a Spec Unit or a Model Unit.

  • Housing costs means the compensation or fees paid or charged, usually periodically, for the use of any property. land, buildings, or equipment. For purposes of this chapter, housing costs include the basic rent charge and any periodic or monthly fees for other services paid to the landlord by the tenant, but do not include utility charges that are based on usage and that the tenant has agreed in the rental agreement to pay, unless the obligation to pay those charges is itself a change in the terms of the rental agreement.

  • Housing Services means the active search and promotion of indi- vidual access to, and choice in, safe and affordable housing that is appropriate to the person's age, culture, and needs.

  • Housing project means a project, or distinct portion of a

  • housing benefit means housing benefit under Part 7 of the SSCBA;

  • Housing development as used in this section, means a development project for five or more residential units, including mixed-use developments. For the purposes of this section, “housing development” also includes a subdivision or common interest development, as defined in Section 4100 of the Civil Code, approved by a city, county, or city and county and consists of residential units or unimproved residential lots and either a project to substantially rehabilitate and convert an existing commercial building to residential use or the substantial rehabilitation of an existing multifamily dwelling, as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 65863.4, where the result of the rehabilitation would be a net increase in available residential units. For the purpose of calculating a density bonus, the residential units shall be on contiguous sites that are the subject of one development application, but do not have to be based upon individual subdivision maps or parcels. The density bonus shall be permitted in geographic areas of the housing development other than the areas where the units for the lower income households are located.

  • Stipend means a teaching fellowship stipend distributed to

  • Housing assistance means appropriate referrals by the

  • Affordable Housing Cost means an amount satisfied by:

  • Housing Specialist means a specialized position dedicated to developing the full array of housing options for their program and monitoring their sustainability for the population served in accordance with the minimal housing standards policy set by County for their program. The Housing Specialist is also responsible for assisting Participants with applications to low- income housing, housing subsidies, senior housing, etc.

  • Supportive housing means housing with no limit on length of stay, that is occupied by the target population, and that is linked to an onsite or offsite service that assists the supportive housing resident in retaining the housing, improving his or her health status, and maximizing his or her ability to live and, when possible, work in the community.

  • Housing accommodation or "Dwelling" means any building, mobile home or trailer, structure, or portion thereof which is occupied as, or designed, or intended for occupancy, as, a residence by one or more families, and any vacant land which is offered to sale or lease for the construction or location thereon of any such building, mobile home or trailer, structure, or portion thereof or any real property, as defined herein, used or intended to be used for any of the purposes set forth in this subsection.

  • Affordable Housing Unit means a rental unit in an affordable housing building that rents for an amount that is affordable to households at or below 60 percent of area median income, as median income was most recently determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Minneapolis- St. Paul- Bloomington, Minnesota-Wisconsin Metropolitan Statistical Area, as adjusted for household size and number of bedrooms.

  • Affordable Housing Units – means the Affordable Housing to be provided as part of the development in accordance with the application and/or any subsequent reserved matters approval.

  • Housing Provider means, with respect to a HOME Development, Local Government, consortia approved by HUD under 24 CFR Part 92, for-profit and Non-Profit Developers, and qualified CHDOs, with demonstrated capacity to construct or rehabilitate affordable housing.

  • Multifamily housing means housing accommodations designed as a residence for more than 1 family.

  • disability living allowance means a disability living allowance under section 71 of the SSCBA;

  • training allowance means an allowance (whether by way of periodical grants or otherwise) payable—

  • Apartment Dwelling means any dwelling unit within a building containing more than four dwelling units where the units are connected by an interior corridor;

  • Life-cycle cost means the expected total cost of ownership during the life of a product, including disposal costs.

  • Non-profit housing development means development of a building or structure intended for use as residential premises by,

  • Elderly Housing means housing intended for and only occupied by Elderly persons, including a family in which all members are Elderly. All household members must be Elderly (no children, and no disabled persons under the age of 62).

  • Affordable housing project means, for purposes of this part, title fourteen of article twenty seven of the environmental conservation law and section twenty-one of the tax law only, a project that is developed for residential use or mixed residential use that must include affordable residential rental units and/or affordable home ownership units.

  • Apartment shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Recital H;

  • Tube housing assembly means the tube housing with tube installed. It includes high-voltage and/or filament transformers and other appropriate elements when such are contained within the tube housing.