Headend definition

Headend means any facility for signal reception and dissemination on a Cable System, including cables, antennas, wires, satellite dishes, monitors, switchers, modulators, processors for Broadcast Signals, equipment for the Interconnection of the Cable System with adjacent Cable Systems and Interconnection of any networks which are part of the Cable System, and all other related equipment and facilities.
Headend. The electronic control center of the Cable System containing equipment that receives, amplifies, filters and converts incoming Signals for distribution over the Cable System.
Headend means a facility that contains satellite receivers, modulator, compression equipment, multiplexes, and conditional access facilities, other transmission equipments and has antennas which receive signals from Satellite and/or from local studio for retransmission to subscribers directly or through linked LCOs;

Examples of Headend in a sentence

  • Headend facilities are equipped with battery uninterruptible power supplies and diesel or natural gas generators that continuously power the headend in the event of a power failure.

  • Figure C-2: Typical Broadband Subscriber Frequency Allocation Headend Operations After they are received from the antenna tower, off-air television transmissions pass through a series of signal processors that prepare the signals for distribution from the headend through the cable.

  • Grantee shall maintain the return line from the existing Access origination site to the Headend in order to enable the distribution of Access programming to Subscribers on the Access Channels.

  • Grantee shall also use reasonable efforts to institute common SD and HD Access Channel assignments among the served by the same Headend as Grantor for compatible Access programming, for example, assigning all Educational Access Channels programmed by higher education organizations to the same Channel number.

  • D-1Figure D-2: Hybrid Fiber/Coaxial Headend..................................................................

More Definitions of Headend

Headend means the electronic control center or “super headend” of Grantee’s Cable System, which is presently located in Lebanon, Ohio, and which serves as the single aggregate point of national content, local over-the-air television signals and satellite transmission signals. The Headend usually includes cable, antennas, wires, fiber optic lines, computer networkequipment and switches, satellite dishes, monitors, switchers, modulators, demodulators, processors, servers and other related equipment or facilities.
Headend means any facility for signal reception and dissemination on a System, including cable, antennas, wires, satellite dishes, monitors, switches, modulators, processors for television broadcast signals and the facility, including antennas and associated electronics which receives, controls, and switches the electronic information transmitted over the System.