HAK definition

HAK means “HRVATSKI AUTO KLUB” contractual partner for Public information about traffic conditions, and “ORYX grupa” is contractual partner for removal of damaged, faulty/in breakdown or abandoned vehicles (personal and heavy vehicles) from the motorway Zagreb Macelj.

Examples of HAK in a sentence

  • X.L., C.S.S., N.A.W.A., A.D.L., H.B., H.A.K., J.P.E.B., J.O., C.S., K.S.H.,‌R.R., K.S.H. and V.S.: conception and design of the work, acquisi- tion and interpretation of data and revising for important intellec- tual content.

  • HAK PENGENDALI TAKAFULApabila berlakunya apa-apa kerugian atau kerosakan kepada mana-mana harta Peserta oleh Polis ini, Pengendali Takaful boleh:-(a) Memasuki, mengambil dan mengekal milik bangunan atau premis di mana kerugian atau kerosakan itu telah berlaku.(b) Mengambil milik atau menghendaki diserahkan kepadanya mana-mana harta Peserta di dalam bangunan atau di atas premis semasa kerugian atau kerosakan itu.

  • Approve an exemption of the project from real property taxes pursuant to Section 696 of the General Municipal Law for Non-ULURP Number 20125065 HAK.

  • The Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ), national human rights NGO Asosiasaun HAK and HRTJS expressed concern about reports of human rights violations during the operations.18 Cases of ill-treatment and excessive use of force by PNTL members were reported.

  • The victim received public acknowledgment and support from the Women’s Caucus of Parliament and civil society, including the local NGOs, Fokupers, JSMP and Asosiasaun HAK.

  • DC HAK Card is issued to Basic Private and Senior Users, Additional Private and Senior Users, Student Users and Business Users.

  • PENGENEPIAN HAK SUBROGASI PENANGGUNG INSURANSSebagai balasan pembayaran premium tambahan, Syarikat bersetuju untuk mengenepikan apa-apa hak dan remedi atau relief atau ganti rugi yang ia mungkin berhak melalui subrogasi terhadap entiti berikut:- Name EntitiSeperti tertera di dalam jadual Walau bagaimanapun, hak Syarikat untuk menguatkuasakan apa-apa hak dan remedi atau untuk mendapat relief atau ganti rugi daripada mana-mana pihak melalui subrogasi tidak akan terjejas.

  • Blanket Agreement on Issuing and Using of DC HAK Card shall be terminated without any additional deadline or reasoning in case User HAK membership ends, unless otherwise requested by HAK.

  • Traffic information is regularly published on radio stations; HAK regularly informs public about any extraordinary circumstances.

  • Apart from a very small number (25) that were provided at a late date, this request for documents was not complied with and the Commission had no access to the TNI documents requested.6 Further, the Commission did not receive access to the collection of INTERFET documents, which are now mostly locatedin Australia.7 Finally, access was also not possible to the documents regarding the 1999 violence which are held by Yayasan HAK, though some of these documents did become available at a very late date.

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  • EMMA means the Electronic Municipal Market Access system as described in 1934 Act Release No. 59062 and maintained by the MSRB for purposes of the Rule.