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  • The contractor shall take all reasonable and prudent steps to ensure that ORI is not paid to any employee who has received the IRS section 911 exemption.(b) In the event that an employee subsequently receives a section 911 exclusion for any part of the base salary upon which this supplement has been paid, such supplement or appropriate portion thereof shall be reimbursed by the contractor to USAID with interest.

  • The processing pipeline starts with a Mutual Shape Adapted (MSA) Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) detection and Gotcha process to predict motion vectors for every pixel (sub-pixel correspondences) on each of the LR images with respect to the reference ORI frame.

  • The results of initial investigation that conducted by Ombudsman Republik Indonesia (ORI) representative DIY, Thursday (2/2/2017), found a fact that the Public Health Center of Dlingo has made a fatal procedural mistake that does not provide referral letters to patients to certain hospitals.

  • ORI is to be paid as a single payment at the end of the employee tour of duty overseas.

  • In the GPT SRR, we take roughly aligned overlapping Lower resolution (LR) images and an Orthorectified Image (ORI) as input to estimate the up-scaled High Resolution (HR) image with a given scaling factor.

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ORI means Originating Agency Identifier, which is a unique alpha numeric identifier assigned by NCIC to each authorized criminal justice and non-criminal justice agency, identifying that agency in all computer transactions.
ORI means a unique identifier assigned by the FBI to an agency.
ORI means the reference number given for each valid Request received by OpenNet;
ORI means the Originating Agency Identifier. It is a nine character identifier assigned by the FBI CJIS staff to an agency which has met the established qualifying criteria for ORI assignment. It identifies agencies in transactions on the NCIC system as well as for the submission of fingerprints.