Funds Flow Memorandum definition

Funds Flow Memorandum means the flow of funds memorandum in the agreed form prepared on behalf of the Company by Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx containing details of the flow of funds at Closing.
Funds Flow Memorandum shall have the meaning specified in Section 2.1(b).
Funds Flow Memorandum means the memorandum, in form and substance mutually acceptable to the Administrative Agent, the Lenders and the Borrower, detailing the proposed flow, and use, of the Loan proceeds on the Initial Funding Date.

Examples of Funds Flow Memorandum in a sentence

  • Buyer shall pay the Indemnity Escrow Amount, the Tax Escrow Amount and the Adjustment Escrow Amount to the Escrow Agent in accordance with the Funds Flow Memorandum.

  • All cash payments will be made by wire transfer of immediately available funds on the Closing Date pursuant to the wire transfer instructions set forth in the Funds Flow Memorandum.

  • Administrative Agent and Arranger shall have received a duly executed letter of direction (which shall include the Funds Flow Memorandum) from Borrower addressed to Administrative Agent and Arranger, on behalf of itself and Lenders, directing the disbursement on the Closing Date of the proceeds of the Loans made on such date.

  • Additional charges may be assessed for the inappropriate disposal of objects in toilets, sinks and/or garbage disposals.Tenant shall deposit all refuse into receptacles as outlined in the Resident Handbook.

  • If the Seller Representatives deliver a Dispute Notice, and Buyer’s calculations delivered pursuant to Section 2(e)(i) show a Final Excess, then at any time within five (5) Business Days after the Seller Representatives provide a written request therefor, the Buyer and the Seller Representatives shall execute and deliver joint written instructions to the Escrow Agent to pay to each Seller the amount of the Final Excess in the manner forth in the Funds Flow Memorandum.

More Definitions of Funds Flow Memorandum

Funds Flow Memorandum means the memorandum, to be dated on or prior to the Closing Date, delivered by Borrower to the Lender Parties with respect to the disbursement of funds on the Closing Date.
Funds Flow Memorandum means the funds flow memorandum dated as of the Effective Date in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Administrative Agent and Company.
Funds Flow Memorandum means the memorandum setting forth the flow of funds at closing and the funding of the Term A Loans and Term B Loans, as approved by the Administrative Agent, and a related letter of direction.
Funds Flow Memorandum means a fund flow memorandum, executed by Parent and provided to Buyer not less than three (3) Business Days prior to the Closing, indicating the exact amount payable to, and full and complete wire instructions for, each Person to whom any portion of the Purchase Price is to be paid pursuant to Section 2.04.
Funds Flow Memorandum has the meaning specified in the Conditions Precedent to Initial Credit Extension.
Funds Flow Memorandum has the meaning set forth in Section 7.01(u).
Funds Flow Memorandum means the funds flow memorandum referred to in paragraph 5 of Part 1 of Schedule 6 (Conditions Precedent);